rose quartz boutique  :: a layout gallery ♡ new layout :: orchid, milkweed.

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rose quartz boutique
welcome to the rose quartz boutique!
the rose quartz boutique is dedicated to delivering the best, most luxurious, meticulously sewn, and well-prepared gowns for the users of the roleplayrepublic community. our motto is to create gowns that embody the statement 'their beauty was regal; sensual, savage, and severe'.

hi hello, it's rosie again. after some time, i've decided to revamp the already-recently-revamped main theme for this shop. and i changed the concept too! bye bye cafe, hello boutique. honestly, i've been loving fashion more than food these days. enjoy the themes!
in-store rules and regulations
favorite the roleplay
comment which layout you're using
dont remove the credit
low to moderate html knowledge
interested in purchasing a gown? (closed at the moment)
check if i'm accepting layouts (seen above). if i am, feel free to pm me. pm me with the colors, what type of layout it is, features (like friends, plots, biography, etc.), and other things (like a certain person you want me to put in the theme!)
contact us!
love, rosie
established 2016
number of designs: 32
theme inspired by: elie saab 2018


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seouluster 2 weeks ago
using milkweed, thank you!
youngk 2 weeks ago
using milkweed!
snowdrops 3 weeks ago
using gaze! thank you, bb.
cybertrash 3 weeks ago
using orchid. <3
Loner_ 1 month ago
using instagram, thank you!
pluhmm 1 month ago
using "toil" from your archive, thank you!
seouluster 1 month ago
using milkweed. yesss milktea!
soft_minzy 2 months ago
using divine, thank u!
SONENicole 2 months ago
using orchid, thanks!
pickypicky 3 months ago
using bridge! <3
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