HANAMACHI 2.0〈花街〉 — ❝ᵗʰᵉ ᶠˡᵒʷᵉʳ ᵗᵒʷᶰ❞ ┚ geisha themed, semi-literate historical/political/city au

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the  district of incandescent dreams.
basic info.
Amidst an era riddled with turmoil and political
unrest, cultural reformation and erasure is imminent.
As such, the teahouses of the Hanamachi district
teem with visitors; the staff of each seek to provide
the best entertainment and facilities to relieve
accumulated stress. Tea, plans to overthrow/sustain
the current government, refined alcohol, a massage...
even other services are available to suit your fancy.
Your presence will be most appreciated.
rules & guidlines.
Read everything here carefully.

01. Favorite and or upvote the roleplay as part of your

02. This roleplay is third pov and first pov. One liners are
not to be a common happenstance in any room other
than the IC chatroom.

03. This roleplay is not a crack roleplay.
If I see everyone roleplaying in the IC chatroom
and nowhere else, that will constitute an issue.
Keep everything to a minimum, guys.

04. and suicide are not to be executed in any of
the public rooms. If you choose to touch upon any of
these topics on your walls, they must be accompanied
with a trigger warning. Do note that indulging in
such will be frowned upon.

05. If you choose to be a geisha/maiko, be aware
that offering ual favours is optional.
Only the Manjushaka - the yakuza related teahouse -
hires this type of geisha/maiko.
Unless otherwise stated, a geisha/maiko is solely an

06. The classes you can apply for
are civilian/geisha(maiko)/samurai.
The samurai class is very important as they will be the
ones driving the political aspect of the roleplay -
positions are fixed according to faction. See the

07. Be relatively active if you join. You have 12 days
before your character(s) become inactive, whereupon
you receive ONE warning.

08. If your geisha/maiko provides ual services, you
MUST be 16 years and over OOC. There is no compromise;
my roleplay will not be the breeding ground for
unwitting ia.

09. You are allowed three characters after you reach
the five hundred post milestone. Your second
character can be procured after one hundred posts.
Your second character must belong to ANother
category to keep the population even.

10. Geisha are maiko (apprentices) by default when they
first join. After serving five customers, they ascend to
the rank of geisha.

11. There will be a room with the names of the geisha,
their specialty, and their ual orientation,
so citizens/customers can choose who they prefer.

12. OOC drama will result in swift removal. IC drama is
fine and expected in a rated M roleplay.

13. You must have a profile up within two weeks of
joining. Extensions can be provided if you give the
admins a good reason.

14. marriage and Pregnancy is allowed, though if you
are a geisha, you must retire and exclusively service
the parent of your child.  marriage and The role of a
geisha is not limited to gender or uality, but
pregnancy is. 

15. To prevent everyone from being geisha,
I will periodically halt applications after every 10
so that the numbers even out.
As it is now, there are 9 slots available.

16. Internationals are accepted.

17. If you're a geisha, check in in the geisha list
under 'Hanamachi' with your ual orientation
(if you neglected to do so in your app) upon joining,

18. Include "ukiyo-e" in your application.
head admin
Lorem ipsum dolor sit
Lorem ipsum dolor sit
character name: eg. lee taemin
geisha/civilian/samurai: samurai
if geisha, state your faction affliation, ual orientation, and specialities:eg. yakuza affiliated / drink serving, game playing, other; / biual
if civilian, state your occupatione.g. doctor
if samurai, state your faction affiliation and position: e.g. head of the yakuza/commander of the shinsengumi
character bio: four lines max, nothing major.
est. 2017

coded by yxgurt


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would you likely activate this place again?
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random feature ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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namjoon left. best of luck hun!
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When I forgot that I reserved please reserve my character Taylor Hill once again!
NinjaPandaCA 2 years ago
actually. yeah.
can i have hyeri back please
NinjaPandaCA 2 years ago
this looks vaguely familiar but i don't see my hyeri here so
probably mistaken
BambiiBlossoms 2 years ago
hello- can an admin remove my other account from both hanachiyo and anzhelika, and let me apply with this account??
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could an admin reaccept me on a different account please -
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park jihoon for me?
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