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everything we see or seem is but a dream within
a dream.
welcome to 11chxn, a layout gallery by barbatos, established on the
1st of january, 2017. the name was inspired
by seventeen's member dino.
featured on 25 may 2019.
thanks for all your support!
11chxn past events.
2017.01.01 — open!
2017.02.21 — first project!
2019.05.25 — featured.
what's new in season 5?
we've gone with a different
approach for the archive
system to improve our users'
overall experience.
a brand new revamp!
new layouts coming soon!
i've been thinking for a while
and decided that maybe a
request box isn't for me, so i
scraped that function.
favourite the rp and COMMENT down below WHEN USING LAYOUTS. if you can't do that then don't use my layouts
THE LAYOUTS HERE ARE NOT PLAGIARISED. i designed and spent hours working on them. If they seem similar, i probably got inspired by it.
do not remove the credits. if i catch you doing that, i will literally stab your face.
iF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, DO ASK ME IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW. or if you're shy, feel free to go to the user profile link above and drop me a pm.
only minor tweaks are allowed. (change text, picture, color scheme) any major tweaks, please inform me first. and again, do not remove my credits, or use any part of my codes in your layouts.
i know i keep stressing this, but if you steal my layouts and/ or remove my credits, and/ or claim it as yours, and/or steal unreleased codes using alternative methods, and/ or say you were "inspired" by it when you clearly just copied it, then you don't deserve to use all these layouts i worked hard on.
the medias used are not mine unless stated otherwise. though most of the edits are done by me if it's an imgur link aha. cto, i don't own them.
rules will be added and revisited from time to time so be sure to check back again.
scroll down
F✕B, magnum dong, visual dreams, sapphic central, test tube layouts, Inmyselfitrust, inertia, rose quartz boutique, bacardi, trxsh atelier, neoteric, voyeurism, pixel gallery, sparkly layouts.
faves collection
home collection
dream lab
launching soon!


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