★ VICTORY ★ - freshest sports academy. - "rip" yeri 2k17. - closed.

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WelcoMe to victorY

Determination. Perseverance. Endurance. Intelligence. This what it takes to be a winner. Are you one? At 'Victory', the only sports academy around, we encourage our athletes to work on these qualities. We accept only the best of the best, each student having superior skills in a certain sport. There's no giving up or letting go. They must fight to win. Yet, at the same time, we also support sportsmanship and making memories with friends that will last a lifetime. If they would like, they can take it easy after training around our campus. Their goal, and the coaches' goal as well, is to take home the trophy along with honor and pride in what they can accomplish.

- full name
- age.
- student or coach.
- team.
- password.

001. You must favorite. Upvotes are loved. 002. Comment the full name of the character you desire. Reservations last 48 hours (2 days). 003. Students must join only one team. To be apart of another, they must have 666 points. Dating ban is four days. Second character is 500 points. All orientations. Only those from Asian descent. 004. No ooc drama, ualizing of minors, ignoring, god modding, one liners etc. Rated m stays on wall and in pms. If you have a concern, problem or suggestion, please pm an admin. 005. Inactive sign appears after 5 days. One warning and you're out. You can always rejoin though. To go on hiatus or semi-hiatus, tell an admin. 006. Please try to be active, especially in rooms. Don't stick to walls. Don't join if you won't be active at all. 007. Password is 'I'm the best'. 008. Have fun!


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Any spots open
PUDDIN 1 month ago
yixing left
guanxi 6 months ago
Minseok is taking off
let me know if the rp comes back to life
notyearsofus 6 months ago
I'm sorry but Stephanie left, wishing you guys the best
Lynnixo 6 months ago
Mark and Jinah out. Thanks for the wonderful time guys.
Stay beautiful.
melona 6 months ago
heeyeon's leaving..
angdreville 6 months ago
lisa gotta dip ;;
i got a new job and im actually dying sry </3
psychology 6 months ago
gonna have to go too
it was fun!
genwunner 6 months ago
jaijin is gonna have to leave.
;; thank you for having me.
venteux 6 months ago
gotta go -
life's a-calling.
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