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National Women's Republic
National Women's Republic
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MORE : By 2030 you would think that by know great headways have been made for Equality, but such as not happened, men still retain control, despite powerful women in the top industries, including politics. Eve, a powerful and very rich heiress, is tired of the narrowminded control of men. So, she did the unthinkable. Finding a small uninnhabited island nation, Eve took control of it. She made it habitable, creating a nation for women, and women only (Of course Male to female trangender is allowed as well). The only men around are those who are born. The nation is profitable, one of the richest on earth honestly, and no it is not because of Eve's money. A lot of industry has been built, woman being involved in both economics and politics have come together and built one of the happiest nations for women in the world. So, would you be willing immigrate to this marvelous Oasis for women?
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たルール rules
MORE : 1. Favorite the roleplay, upvoting is optional but much loved.
2. No OOC drama, IC drama is allowed.
3. Use (()) {{}} [[]] when talking OOC.
4. Use the groups to roleplay, please use walls for plotting.
5. This is a heavy Yuri roleplay, no outside
men around.
6. Lespreg is allowed.
. Only men who are born in NWR is allowed.
8. No hetero. Gaylove only.
9. M-F transgenders are allowed.
10. Men can get pregnant as well.
11. Inactivity is for 5 days. You have 48 hrs
after your warning to be active again.
12. Must have a picture up in 48 hrs after
being accpted a profile up within 3 days of
being accepted. 
13. Password is the rule with the
missing number
14. Have fun

応用 application
MORE : Name: 
uality: (no hetero)
Peronality: (min. 3 sentences)
Background: (min. 3 sentences)


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Mikhun 10 months ago
any wishes yo?
meringue 2 years ago
irene left.
thanks for having me.
This_is_my_username 2 years ago
Can you add and reserve park Yonghee please and thank you <3
corpsebride 2 years ago
Add and reserve Jennie Kim for me?
meringue 2 years ago
Add and reserve bae joohyun please!
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