━ YESTERDAY ↪ ISLAND / PLANE CRASH AU. ∘∘ ❝ we're on our own now.❞ small group roleplay. »AVAILABLE: 2 Teacher spots « first come first serve. ★ EVENT BASED.

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all orientations


plane crash / island au.


all povs detailed


scroll down for more information

new! update:




DalYong Academy is a private prep school for the elite, and a few scholarship / charity case students. To celebrate the new year, every year the school organizes a trip oversees for their junior and senior students, fully paid for. This year, in 2017, the school is taking their students to Brazil, and the surrounding countries for three months. Its basically a glorified overseas field trip held every year, where the students and eight teachers are allowed to have all the fun they want during their new years trip. 

The roleplay will take place in chronological order, each event moving the plot and story-line forward. It starts out at the end of the field trip, with the plane ride back home in 24 hours. This year however, the double-decker plane holding 150 students and 8 teachers crashes into the ocean, leaving 14 survivors, 12 students and 2 teachers, alone.  The rest of the story will be told and unraveled through bi-weekly events and added here into the description so stay tuned. [updated 01/08]


Females: 07

admins: 03



01. favoriting is a must, upvoting is optional but appreciated. 02. You may play as a teacher, though I will only allow two so first come first serve, teachers must be 23+. This rule will be striked-through when we get two teachers. 03. Please read all announcements, as we will have events and in chracter updates very frequently. 04. No face-chasing, and try to give everyone a change. 05. If you can't be active enough, don't join and hog a spot and bring the roleplay down with your inactivity. 05. Activity checks will be frequent as well, about twice a month. 05. Try and come on at least four times a week, if you can't be in the chatroom all the time thats fine, but please try and roleplay as much as you can. 06. Try to keep straight people in mind, and try to keep the genders balanced please. 07. no ooc drama, you'll get one warning, second time you get kicked. 08. Please pm an admin that you are leaving, don't drop a comment. 09. MORE SPOTS WILL OPEN UP AS THE ROLEPLAY PROGRESSEs, so if you wanted to join but all 14 spots are filled, drop a comment and you will be notified when we have opened up more spots, or someone has left! 10. all themes and triggers are allowed as long as both consent ooc, and just put a little trigger warning at the top of the post.  11. password is "nebulas."



name // full name (only internationals of asian descent allowed.)

age // students are 16-19, teachers are 23+ (if under 18 you can only with another chracter under 18 cause minors.)

bio // 3+ sentences.

password // check da rules.

Name: jennie kim
Age: 18
Bio: Check my profile :) Lol I would put it here too, tbh but its really long so and it'd look ugly so.
Password: Read the rules.


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slaps a kiss here<3
pinkcrayon 9 months ago
Casually advertises this here because hhhh don't know how else but
Yoda/Sehun started this chat on kkt for yesterday member so COME JOIN US T T
my kkt is spideyisthebest so add me if you want to get in on it- please ; u ;
amadeus 9 months ago
Lost muse, Yoongi's going to leave
I'm sorry, I enjoyed being part of this rp o/
Could you remove me as a coadmin as well
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Joohyun left in really busy ooc and I'm in too many rp's...
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Jungkook left because I am getting busy and I am losing muse for characters. So I am sticking to pm rps
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jiyeon had to leave. I'm hogging a character ;;
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jimin is going to have to leave, everyone ;;
but i sincerely thank you for a one of a kind experience, and definitely one to hold dear for many moments to come
do hold on to jimin in case things ramp up. i'll be around for sure, lovelies!
pixels 9 months ago
rip had to leave chaeyoung bc too many charas ;;;;
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hyomin dipped, lovelies ♡
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may come back one day so ;;; hold bora for me?
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