❝ RED STRING 2.0 : FRESHLY REVAMPED AND READY TO GO! ➥ matchmaking & nonau | starting wave 2 soon!

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red string 2.0
h e l l o
welcome back everyone! this is a revamp of the original 'red string,' so if you were a member there, please make sure to reserve your character before someone else does!
men: 44
women: 52
nct 127 – angel
THE RED STRING BINDS YOU TO YOUR SOULMATE : in chinese folklore, there is an old story about a magical connection between two people who destined to be soulmates, called "the red string of fate." it’s not the kind of connection we’re used to thinking of, where you fall in love with your soulmate and feel an intense connection to them. in chinese folklore the red string of fate is an actual object… a string that’s red but also invisible at the same time. it’s tied to a pinky finger of every person on earth and stretches all the way out to the pinky finger of their soulmate, wherever that is, regardless of time and space. legend says that the string can get very tangled up but it will never break. the red string of fate is tied by a being called 'the old man under the moon' and once he has bound you to your soulmate, your destiny is set.
001. favorite the roleplay. upvotes are appreciated.
002. comment the full name of the character you wish to reserve. reservations last 48 hours.
003. the inactivity marker appears after ten days. you get two warnings after that, then sayonara.
004. you may start reserving more characters after 300 points.
005. no facechasing, ooc drama, one-liners, biased replies, mpreg, or in rooms.
006. password is sobangcha.
007. be active in both rooms and on walls. please.
008. there is a four day dating ban. sorry.
full name
ideal type


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SweetLies 1 year ago
Could you please add ulzzang kim Seukhye for me?
-golgi 2 years ago
Bridget left! Thanks for everything! Just tell me when this place is gonna be active again!
LightningStryk 2 years ago
yixing left, if you guys revamp, lemme know!
ohwoahlotto 2 years ago
jungyeon dipped
Kyutaro 2 years ago
gotta cut down the charas, dissertation calls~ sorry! - jiyoo
-hoe 2 years ago
love this place but
life calls
inseong 2 years ago
it's revamped ??!
mooncake 2 years ago
nayeon left. sorry ;;
xtokibabyzx 2 years ago
can you apply for inactives..?
BunnyBuns 2 years ago
a&r Kim Jongin please
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