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a layout gallery.
hello there! welcome to fernweh. and this gallery will contain layouts coded by yours truly. i'm not really the best coder, i've only been coding for a year. and i haven't had much practice yet. nevertheless, i hope to improve my skills through coding more! i hope you enjoy looking around!
please do not remove the credits. heavy tweaking is allowed but please leave the credits alone. comment down below if you plan on using one of my layouts, please! if you need any help tweaking the layout, don't hesitate to drop me a message, although it may take me a while to reply! 
how to use a layout.
open the code provided in a new tab and copy everything. go to your desired roleplay/profile and open the editor. click the source button, which should be at the upper left. paste everything there and then click the source again, tada! your layout should be up! tweak to your heart's desire, love.
03/21/17 : opened fernweh. the main layout was carelessly done, to be honest. i'll most probably change this layout again soon, when i find better inspiration. 
latest layout.
layout name / mocha
inspiration / im nayeon
type/ profile
i do not own any of the pictures used in this gallery, they go to their respective owners. if any layout seems similar to other layouts, it is coincidental unless stated otherwise. 
fernweh 1.0 by cal.


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stoat- 1 year ago
using mocha
Jenissis_Bible 1 year ago
using mocha
idalso 1 year ago
using mocha !! : D
myeolk 1 year ago
I'll be using mocha from now on!
moonlilt 1 year ago
using mocha! thank you for the layout <3
daeyumjae 1 year ago
using mocha!
jeonstar 1 year ago
using mocha :)
zkdlin_ 1 year ago
using mocha thanks
hissra 1 year ago
using mocha!
idkecho 1 year ago
using mocha on aff (user: twtbase) thanks!
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