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wee woo
wee woo was first created just for fun when the song with the same name by pristin was released. now we've reached milestones after milestones and even became a trending sneke fam :d be warned, we got no chill, got no chill heheh
1. fav the rp. upvotes are much appreciated !
2. all orientations and povs are allowed. however, internationals are not allowed. mpreg is also allowed bc give the gays a chance right ?
3. no one liners except in the common chatroom
4. is allowed but only on walls and pms. please be mindful of the minors and the innocents. ual innuendos are fun, but when it gets out of hand, it gets uncomfortable.
5. dating ban of 2 days. moving couples are not encouraged.
6. 5 characters are allowed for every user. you can get them all at 0 points no problem but you have to make sure that they're all active (dating yourself is allowed lol if you're feelin lonely #dontjudge). 5 days and inactivity the ugli appears. a warning letter will be issued and you have 24 hours to reply to it. those who are in a relationship are allowed another 24 hours before they are kicked out.
7. we will have a refreshed hiatus system. normal hiatuses last 2 weeks, while semi-hiatuses last 3 weeks. introducing special hiatus ! a hiatus that you can use once every three months. a hiatus up to a maximum of 1 month consecutively. dude, aren't i just too nice. but still doesn't mean you can just go idle there. i will be watching.
8. for those who are inactive and the chara is wanted by someone else, it will not be given out unless i. the rper currently having the chara lets the chara up or ii. 24 hours after the warning letter has been issued.
9. strictly no ooc drama. ic drama is allowed to a minimum extend.
10. upon joining, put up a dp for easy recognition. you must have at least 10 points at the end of the day starting from the moment your chara is accepted.

introducing the new strike system where every rule broken will result in one strike. 5 strikes and you're out.
the pasword is wee woo wee woo wee + please comment down the full name when reserving !
the calendar
app form
* subject to change
0324 - wee woo officially opened
0424 - first month bash
0425 - revamp !
0506 - featured
0524 - second month bash + first activity check
0527 - the purge + the 200 fave/ featured bash
0624 - third month bash
06?? - hogwarts event!
0724 - fourth month bash
0824 - fifth month bash
0829 - wee woo awards (wwa)*
full name


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psychic 15 hours ago
wow i been dead
twink_sinner 2 days ago
omo! what a nice looking rp! i am new to the site and cannot wait to try this one out! please, may i request to be nct's super cool leader lee taeyong? uwu please, admin-nim? i will love you forever~
TWINKGATE 2 days ago
I heard this rp is pretty nice and eco friendly - I'm new here so I don't know how rpr works but can I have like 5 people pls u//w//u
badhombre 4 days ago
could i revive my kang daniel thank u thank u
wokhardt 5 days ago
hi I’m annoying
can I get mijoo cc to lee naeun
byun-park 5 days ago
my i please add hwang hyunjin of stray kids?
wokhardt 6 days ago
Okay I want two of my other charas bakc
I’ll provide links below so it’s easy
kankohi 6 days ago
do i want to come back-
twinkytan 1 week ago
hewwo can i get my lucas back but tcc him to cheon jaein please
TWINKGATE 1 week ago
5 more characters on this account u w u jk
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