America The Horrible ~~~ Reopening and Accepting Character and Admin Applications!~

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This roleplay is American based, meaning the typical "internationals" are now main population. This roleplay takes place in america, and revolves around american reality, meaning it is nonau. If you choose to apply as a character who is not a citizen of the united states, you will be acknowledged as an international. 
we accept anyone, all ualities and nationalities are welcome. we highly encourage entertainers to join, and we are looking for more female muses. 
001. I Hate to be that person, but please please please favorite the damn roleplay people. at least a little love, i mean come on? <3 . 
002. Applications ARE ready to be accepted and approved of 
003. Keep in mind that since this is an american based roleplay - we encourage you to apply as an american, if possible.
004. All Orientations are accepted, although i ask      please respect everyone's orientation and beliefs. Do  not try to force anything on anyone. 
005.Inactivity will result in a warning for first offense... inactivity passed five days will be marked.. 
006. No More rules till I come up with more.. :) 






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SugaHU 6 months ago
Can I get Jordon Kristopher Terrell?
unrevealed 6 months ago
Sorry guys but camila left, keep the upvote uwu
chogiwhat 7 months ago
Can I get Zendaya
navigation 7 months ago
can you Barbara Palvin pls?
leet19 7 months ago
can you please add Angelique Boyer?
[comment deleted by owner]
sway_ldh 7 months ago
Queen Miley Cyrus please
[comment deleted by owner]
[comment deleted by owner]
[comment deleted by owner]
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