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New Dreams

Entertainment au



it's time to leave the nightmare and start the dream. The old life you led was only a drop of the dish you're about to be served. two ceos began their journeys after experiencing their fair share of the industry. the rises and falls that came with their career choice would not stop them as they pursued music. 

two companies, w1sh and petal, with two different ceos. 

★w1sh entertainment. formed by ella kim, who has had a long road to the one she walks now. after beginning her career as a solo ballad singer, she fell out of the spotlight due to a scandal. that didn't stop the woman, coming back to take over the failed company of a man who had frauded his way to the top. creative differences led to ella's retirement within the company. ella took a group of beloved idols and trainees with her to carry on in the company she later called w1sh. it started as a wish, and now they're number 1. this company prides itself on the dedication, imagination and devotion of its trainees. it strives to be the best it can be in the best of ways. joining this company, trainees are sure to be rewarded for their hardwork. it's never a dull moment when you have a w1sh.

❃Petal entertainment. "If they don't choose you, they're not good enough for you." this is how Kim heechul got into his former company and group, this is the attitude he had while growing into the beloved idol of generations. he had the equal number of haters, thanks to this flaunce, but he disregarded them. this is the attitude that landed him a helping position in Ella Kim's previous company, and it is also the attitude that lead him to open his own company when the old one crashed to the ground. He respects ella as an artist, but firmly beliеves he and his trainees will be the best. what he looks for is attitude, confidence, stage presence and tons of creativity - being the lazy he is, he relies a lot on his trainees and trusts them with their decisions and ideas. Vox populi, vox dei, vox heechul. 


001: favourite is a must. upvote is appreciated.
002: max four characters per person (see 'requests room' for how to acquire new characters). + you must have equal amount of characters in both companies. ex. first chara = petal, second chara must be w1sh, then for third you can choose again and etc.
003: reservations last 48 hours. please comment the character you want first. 
004: please no ooc drama. we're all here to have fun! 
005: inactivity is set at 8 days! you will get two inactivity warnings, if you don't reply to them you will be kicked out. the password is: cinderella 
006:  all orientations are allowed
007: no face chasing whatsoever.
008: there is no dating ban. you are allowed to get married and get pregnant (no mpreg/fpreg) with permission of the admin and a realization of the consequences it may bring on your IC chara. move-in couples are also allowed, just give us a heads up, jsy.
009: this is an au roleplay, therefore your stage name does not have to be the same as the one in real life. ex. park chaeyoung (blackpink) is rose as her stage name. but you can make it anything from candy to elizabeth. please, be reasonable 
010: you can cc (character change) as much as you want but it will cost you 100 points for each time you do it. 
011:  you can take a manager role, not a trainee-idol, bearing in mind that it's preferred for such faceclaims to be used soloists, actors and/or ullzzangs, and to be aged accordingly (let's not have a 16-year old be a manager, right? Be realistic, jsy.) Mention this in your application, in the 'talents' section.
012: You can not be more than 2 people from the same group. ex. if your first chara is yoona from snsd and your second is taeyeon from snsd you cannot be any snsd members for your third character.
013: You will get 50 points for mentioning who referred you (by character name) to the roleplay in your application.
014: if you have any questions - check the faq. if you still haven't found answers - meditate.
jk, just ask an admin.

Name of face claim: 
Stage name (optional):
age: (can only be 5 years older or younger than current age, min is 16)
talents (max 3), preferrably in order of most to least strong: ex. vocals, dance, guitar
Personality (min 3 words):
Background: (2-3 sentences)
audition video: 
Company of Preference:
Who referred you: 


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