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anima mea in manibus meis semper
diamond soul
his rawest majesty
The path of an idol, it's a brilliantly shining one full of glitter and glamour. Becoming the main attraction, living a life in luxury, cheering crowds wherever you go. It's a dream of many, a reality for but a few.

Here at Diamond Soul Factory is where dreams become reality.

Founded by two successful business women, the small entertainment company prides itself in new and creative ideas, innovative concepts to provide the ideal environment to cultivate the greatest stars of tomorrow, turning the roughest of stones into shining gems. 

"Become the first of yourself, instead of trying to become the second of anyone else."  - kwon boa

"walking on the flower road is easy, but it takes determination and hard work to walk the diamond path."  -dai meng
Dai meng
Kwon boa
admin name
admin name
admin name
men: 28
women: 25
zero: see all rules and regulations here *click*

favouriting us is a must, upvoting is loved <3

two. max 4 characters per user, please try not to hog. (see the requests room for how to acquire new characters)

three. reservations last 48 hours. please comment the character you want, preferrably with the role you want. we are currently only accepting face claims of asian descent

four. please do not bring ooc drama, we're seriously too old for this

five. inactivity is set at 8 days. you get one inactivity warning. if you fail to cooperate - it's goodbye. password is your current playing song. please scroll the application section

six. all orientations allowed.

seven. face-chasing?? in this economy???

eight. there is no dating ban, you are allowed to get married and get pregnant (no mpreg or fpreg, though) with permission from the admin and a realization of the consequences it may bring on your chara. move-in couples are also welcome, just please give us a heads up.

nine. this is an au roleplay, so your stage name does not have to be the same as the one irl. actually it will be chosen later on, so at first you will start with only your chara's birth name. we accept both birth and legal names (if the chara is foreign), but prefer birth.

ten. you can cc all you want, but it comes with a price.

eleven. for staff positions it is preferred to pick a faceclaim of a soloist, actor, ullzzang or an older idol. they should also be aged accordingly
full name?
age + date of birth (dd/mm)?
staff or trainee?
talents (max 3, ranked best to worst)
short background?
diamond soul factory


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nunchuck_dad 17 hours ago
if chungha is an available fc i'd like her as an trainee!
verano 1 day ago
han gichan as trainee pls
tatsuu 2 days ago
is kim seokwoo/rowoon free?
RoleplayRoyalty 5 days ago
Kim Taehyung is free as a face claim?
iwonhoyou 5 days ago
Can I reserve Lee Hoseok/Wonho?
_PrimRose_ 2 weeks ago
uchinaga aeri for me /.\
littleshaq 3 weeks ago
can i have clc oh seunghee please?
immortals 4 weeks ago
could i pls get lee heeseung?
lngslcys 1 month ago
could i please get lee chaeyoung from fromis_9? thank you!
[comment deleted by owner]
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