ᴍ ᴇ ɴ ᴛ ʜ ᴏ ʟ ☆ ʟ ᴀ ʏ ᴏ ᴜ ᴛ ꜱ —— newest layout : demons on twitter | fully revamped + we accept requests now!

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est. 2017
welcome to menthol, your source for eye pleasing layouts. layouts will range from profile to roleplay. this will be updated sporidically because of the coders' vastly different schedules, please be patient. this platform is mostly for us to experiement and showcase our growth. because we're all about improvement, criticism is more than welcome. if you're interested in joining, please, inquire below. + our official emoji is the herb.
un | do favorite if you're planning to use our layouts
deux | leave a comment of the layout you'll be using
trois | tweaking is totally fine but do have some knowledge of coding before doing so
quatre | do not steal our layouts by basing or copying it. we will not hesitate to add you to our blacklist
cinq | do not even think about messing with the credit or even removing it. we will find you
six | we're accepting requests until slots are full! more info below
the wallflowers
disrespect | heyo. this is the big bad wolf, disrespect. i've been coding since '15. i like anything aesthetic and overwhelming myself with  unnecessary responsibilties. you can also find me here, where i make mood boards.
chaotic-gay | wa$$up, i don't actually know how to code...that's definitly not reassuring to you, but I digress. I've been teaching myself since January of this year, and I have enough knowledge to make some pretty decent layouts (check 'em out
here). Also, I'm very busy (too busy tbh), so y'all gonna have to wait a bit. w h e ez e known as melo btw
peachboy | heyoooo it’s ya girl ant. my layouts are p simple and each one has their own creative flare. i love coming up with original ideas but my process is pretty slow since i’m so busy now.
mar. 13th '18. –
fully revamped and cleared!
mar. 10th '18. –
revamp in progess.
dec. 12th '17. –
initial revamp finished.
apr. 27th '17. –
officially opened.
if you're asking yourself, how do i request from these talented hoes then here's your answer : we are open to requests (finally) - just upvote, fave and answer this app <- click then we'll get to you as soon as we can! check who's available below.
disrespect's slots :
1/5 filled

chaotic-gay's slots :
0/5 filled

peachboy's slots :
1/5 filled
april : villains
march : movies
past theme


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jparkitrightthere 19 hours ago
using grimy
BadDecisions 3 days ago
I’ve sent in a request for a roleplay layout
beanfluff 3 days ago
using twinkle twinkle
MinkiMouse 5 days ago
Using grimy
superstarrrr 6 days ago
using grimy by the way! i'll be putting it in draft yet tho
superstarrrr 6 days ago
i've requested (oh and an error to my request! i accidentally typed ssuperstarrrr for my name instead of superstarrr! i'm so sorry :<)
if_i_were_in_love 6 days ago
Using Insecure. Simply, yet great. Loved it
-trashcan 1 week ago
using war c": thank you
itami- 1 week ago
using war.
duizhang 2 weeks ago
using grimy >u>
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