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newly revamped, pd101 > sos. survival of the survivals. read about section and rules for further info.

est. 07 May 2017
produce 202
the unit

About the rp

on the fine spring day of may 7, 2017 a produce 101 based roleplay was established. since then we've created unbreakable bonds and unforgettable memories, but  we've come back to make a lot more. in the past, we only allowed characters from produce 101 s1 and s2 only. but we thought "hey that why don't we allow more people here". and so we've decided "hey why don't we do that". so welcome your butts to the all new survival of the survival shows (sos) where we are now accepting participants of mixnine and the unit in addition to produce 101. so whether you're up for laughs, chaos, or you just feel lonely and need someone to talk to; give us a try i'm 99.99% sure you won't regret it. satisfaction guaranteed.


a brief history and description of the rp. enjoy!

rules & guidelines

ONE favorite the roleplay! upvotes are optional. 

TWO only produce 101 s1, s2, the unit, and mixnine participants are accepted. so are the trainers and mentors.

THREE the basics: respect everyone. try to plot and rp although we are also half crack here.

FOUR All ualities accepted here. in fact, what is a uality, can you eat it?

FIVE password is your favorite participant of one of the above survival shows.

SIX No ualizing minors. puppy love is cute though. only on walls and pm.

SEVEN inactive sign appears after 8 days. you will get one warning and 2 days to rid the sign before getting kicked.

EIGHT you must reach 400 points to earn a second character, 1000 for a third.

NINE there is a 200 point dating ban to encourage people to be active.

TEN if you're feeling invisible, please pm an admin. and i really mean it you may think it's embarrassing but we will try our best to help you.


please read all the above rules and guidelines before applying.

How to Join & App

ONE when reserving a character, please comment his/her full name and the survival show they are from.

Two read the rules above. please. let us know if you want a mobile friendly vers.


full name: e.g. kim raehwan

age: e.g. 25

company: e.g. brave ent

ual orientation: e.g. hetero

password: read the rules


please use the above format to apply for your character.




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c3d87639ae30fa03c05b 2 years ago
yall still alive huh
c3d87639ae30fa03c05b 3 years ago
i miss gou hoes shjsjsjsns im drink excuse me
ForSureSafe101 3 years ago
Is...Is this still a thing?
anonymous88 3 years ago
youngmin i. 4 days ago
how is dis rp still alive
2071592144a30d5705e9 4 years ago
euiwoong l. [A] 9 hours ago
do u wanna move ur chara to the other account or

pls kick studying out and accept me in his place thx
midnvghte 4 years ago
Full Name: Lee Daehwi
Age: 17
Company: Brand New Music
ual Orientation: Homoual
Password: Jeon Somi and Kim Samuel
pinkbabyfaery 4 years ago
I can't choose between Ikon's jinhwan, svt's jihoon or bts jimin- so many j's lol
momisa 4 years ago
mina is leaving, thanks for having me!
momisa 4 years ago
Full Name: Kang Mina
Age: 19
Company: Jellyfish
ual Orientation: Biual
Password: Jeon Somi
tenacious 4 years ago
can i switch accounts again? ;;;
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