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The year is 2099, almost thirty years after one of the most catastrophic events known to mankind. The United States, in an attempt to "enact world peace," deployed a handful of neutron bombs around the world. Neutron bombs, by their very nature, are effective killing weapons which wipe out large populations and leave much of the infrastructure intact. The world's population was reduced to less than one percent of what it had been (the bombs eradicated roughly seventy percent of the world population, and the fallout claimed much of the remaining thirty percent). Much of humanity remained centered around areas that had developed defenses against nuclear warfare. One such hub of humanity remains in South Korea.

After the horrendous bombings, the last vestiges of world governments convened, and a treaty was signed. The Seoul Treaty laid out the rules for a shattered society, outlining everything from conservation efforts, education, and protocol for future altercations (the very idea of war becoming so reprehensible that the term itself was banned). When the original plans were written, the architects were so thorough that there was even a contingency put in place should the gender gap in the population be even further enlarged as women seemed to die in greater numbers than men during the first phase of the fallout. However, with so much government oversight, the world was bound to suffer for it.

Within the city limits of Seoul, the effects of a dictatorial government were felt first and hardest. Some still have the audacity to call it a utopia, yet those who have tried to get married, have a child, buy a book, or get a job in the past fifteen years know that it's a red tape bureaucracy. The government controls every detail of every life, and those who live even a hair's breadth outside of their control are branded as criminals. Every individual either lives wishing for choice, or in fear of having made the wrong one.

As we near the 22nd century, there are reports from within the city that the last living Korean woman died while in childbirth. However, in lighter news, Maltech™ has just announced a new miracle drug that all male citizens over the age of 18 are to register to receive in order to innoculate themselves against major illness. On the other hand the decision of who receives it and who doesn't seems arbitrary, and no one knows what illnesses it actually protects against. Will you receive the injection?
01 Favoriting the RP is required, and upvotes are much appreciated, but not required.
02 Request reservations with the full name of your face claim; reservations will last (48) hours.
03 Days Inactive is set to (7) days. This is an intense AU, even if it is a matchmaking RP as well, and as such we recognize that sometimes the muse may falter.
04 CCs are allowed, but when CCing you will need to reroll for your "status," and you will be removed from any existing match.
05 A second face claim is available when the first character reaches (500) points.
06 Semi-hiatuses are allowed indefinitely, however full hiatus is limited to one month; therefore, if a character becomes inactive for a month they will be considered on a full hiatus and removed.
07 The password for the role play is your favorite dystopian universe (e.g. 1984, The Hunger Games, etc.).
08 OOC drama is strictly forbidden; IC drama is welcomed so long as both parties consent to it.
09 Adult themes (except for self-harm, , extreme violence, etc.) are allowed in all rooms; however, if another person (IC or OOC) expresses that they are uncomfortable with it in a general use room, please be considerate and move your plot to somewhere more private.
10 Your characters will receive a "status" when they arrive in the role play. Please remember that this "status" should not change how your character acts.
11 Remember, above all, to have fun, and enjoy your time here!
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