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We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun. Things end. But Memories last forever as laughs never end when your having fun. We base our role role-play with buds, fam and love honestly this is just a a continuation of the adore you series of rps that bring joy to your hearts. Goof around, act silly that's our middle name woot woot anyway come join in the fun we'll love you just for being you! 
# A
FAVORITE IS A MUST upvotes are loved, 2 or more charachers allowed if your active. inactivity set for 7 days you'll get 3 warnings until your kicked out. please do talk to everyone on rooms and walls be active keep in pms, walls or rated r rooms. Going on hitaus or leaving comment down below dating ban set to 3 days internationals allowed ANYWAY LAST BUT NOT LEAST HAVE FUN AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO GIVE IN SUGGESTIONS
" application: name, group , timezone , orientation."


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Jungshoook 3 weeks ago
Hit me up with Kim Namjoon jsy
gongzhu-- 3 weeks ago
Put lisa on hiatus jsy ;; ill be gone for a week
knowBody_01 3 weeks ago
Kim heechul juseyo
111133331111 3 weeks ago
Siwon Choi please~
babyjoong 3 weeks ago
Jung eunji pls
skallop 1 month ago
kim jongin pls
UglyTired 1 month ago
I am onlu a random passerby , however , let me just state that the description page is very beautiful
jiminniexmochi 1 month ago
w hispers
i'm here for jungkookiexnochu (mah boo <3) but i see jimin is taken and i-- /sobbeu T_T
sailorpepsi 1 month ago
a&r shinee's key pls.
mcgregor 2 months ago
hyungsiks gonna dip, had a blast here tho :))
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