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         "On Camera" is a new idol life reality show. Different idols come together and live under one roof. Don't worry, this isn't some small three story apartment building that they'll be living in. The "OC" founders have secured an old private school. It has been remolded, and is now a highly functioning complex. Idols are allowed to modify their rooms to their heart's content. Like most things, there is a catch. Everything will be broadcasted for the world to see. What kind of idol are you behind closed doors? 


OC Location: Seoul, Korea (it changes monthly)


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Cutiemusiclover 9 years ago
can you add akb48's takahashi minami please ^^
totough1 9 years ago
could you add Zendaya please?
choijuniel93 9 years ago
applied as jessica
yamitan7 9 years ago
Hope soneone has a 13 year old child soon....
myotterprince 9 years ago
can u add Tiffany hwang from snsd and reserve it ????
taeyawning 10 years ago
can you add zayn malik?
affinity 10 years ago
can you add snsd's jessica? :)
SPF116 10 years ago
can you add snsd's yoona? c:
sessy_ 10 years ago
can you add sistar's dasom? c:
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