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welcome to
let's cause a little trouble roleplay.
take your time to read through the  description and join us when interested!


about the roleplay

Have you ever imagined your favorite ship becoming true? All the dreams and time consumed with writing fanfics, making gifs, fan arts or posting your pair everywhere so the whole world can see how real they are? Maybe you are not satisfied with the amount of receipts proving your point? Worry not, the new show is here to provide you everything that you need. 4 pair of idols located in one apartment are going to face various tasks and events testing how good their chemistry is. Will they make wonderful friendships or maybe even find the love of their lives? Make sure to follow every Saturday at 8pm on your favorite channel.

let's cause 
scroll down to read more


rules and regulations

we ask everyone to read the rules and regulations thoroughly before applying. we will not accept you if you did not apply according to the rules.
1. don't be a .
2. favourite the roleplay before applying or we will ignore your application (but not really. we will let you know, if there's something wrong).
3. this is non-au roleplay, what means you're an idol here. we also have here a matchmaking theme, so please don't be surprised when you're matched with someone without being asked about it first.
4. in regard to the previous rule, you can see why informing us about hiatus or semi-hiatus is so important. people who take either won't be matched until they're full active again. hiatus can last for maximum two months, while semi-hiatus maximum one month.
5. inactivity sign shows up after seven days. you will receive one warning and if you don't reply in the next fourty-eight hourse, your character will be de-activated. you're always welcome to come back.
6. straight, , yuri - all are welcomed here. same goes for internationals.
7. we allow first and third point of view. please respect other side's preferances, when it comes to the point of view, the level of details or posts length.
8. are you looking for something? maybe a w o r d? well, you won't find it because there is none. your characters  personality plz. ;)
9. comment with the full name of your face-claim. we will add them under their real names. reservation lasts for twenty-four hours.
10. changing your face-claim is allowed, however, we ask you to choose it wisely.
11. you can have maximum two characters, no question asked. to get yourself the right, you must be here for at least one week. the second character can't be from the same band.
12. use rooms, don't stick to the walls.
13. dating ban is one week. we accept move-in couples.
14. comment, if you're leaving. 

1. application form may be short, but be ready to answer more questions when you're in.
2. Try to participate in all the events.


how to apply + application form

comment your chosen face-claim. the reservation lasts fourty-eight hours. you can reserve character for your friends. 

- full name - age
- ual orientation
- group (band, soloist, ulzzang etc.)
- ideal type
- prefered pov
- Timezone (GMT)
- password



- please get a profile picture within twenty-four hours of acceptance. you should make a profile within a week.
- don't forget to thank the people who welcomed you once you're accepted.
- approach people who you see aren't that active. most of them are simply shy. try to encourage them to socialize.
- respect everyone.
- if you have any question, ask admins in ooc room or in pm.

a little trouble
 scroll down to read rules


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TokidokiHelloKitty 5 months ago
Hey, I know this is closed, but I ended up discovering (via the search tool on rpr) that at one point, someone was playing as Joji Miller. Do you mind maybe telling me that user so I could perhaps hit them up on their wall or something, since I too am a fan of him, and I don't know many others on here...?

bbeanfluff 9 months ago
Jongdae’s leaving
Shin0801 10 months ago
Jonghyun gotta leave. Feel bad to take the spot. Been so busy lately
jiasstory 10 months ago
seolhyun is outtie, thank you for everything
kagaki 10 months ago
Can you help me choose between park jihyo, yoo jeongyeon, and son chaeyoung?
xicewolf 10 months ago
Not that I want to, but Chinhwa's leaving. I have way too many characters and I start school next week. Thank you Minhyun, Jinyoung, and Yoongi for the really nice conversations. I hope to meet some of you again in the future!
DelicateNotion 10 months ago
Yebin hopped
lovelikeyeolxygen 10 months ago
Can you add and reserve bae joohyun for me uwu
weliketoparty 10 months ago
Do you need more guys or girls? ^^
baby-groot 10 months ago
xicewolf has a hurricane warning and won't be able to be on until Tuesday at the earliest. Can she have a semi?
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