The Seoul Academy of Love [Open || Accepting || Cleared Masterlist || Revamped]

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The Seoul Academy of Love
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About Us
The Seoul Academy of Love is a roleplay created on March 8, 2013. There have been lots of obstacles along the way but through the friendly rp-ers who joined, those who left and those who have stayed, we managed to last for this long. We hope that this place will still be active longer and we hope to create more memories.

Now for the old description...
Do you feel alone? Do you feel left out? Do you just want to have friends? Then, the Seoul Academy of Love is the right place for you. You can be in a relationship, have friends, meet new acquaintances and of course, have fun and create wonderful memories. What makes this academy different? We welcome horror, fantasy, drama and of course, romance.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us.


1st | Favorite this roleplay. Upvotes are encouraged and much loved ♥
2nd | No bashing and please do not be rude. Face chasers are strictly prohibited.
3rd | This is a 1ST POV and an AU roleplay. [AU - Alternative universe wherein you are NOT an idol so don't introduce yourself as one!]
4th | Use brackets when talking in OOC.
5th | Maximum of two characters. Second charas will only be allowed after reaching 500 points. 
6th |  is NOT available. This is a school-themed roleplay not hinting any ual image.
7th | All orientations are allowed.
8th | Teacher x Student relationships are allowed.
9th | Be nice to everyone. password: Aieru <3
10th | Be online at least once a week or else you are out. We want to make the roleplay as alive as possible.
11th | Be sure to put the password at the end of your application or else you won't be accepted. 
12th | Notify us whenever you're leaving or going on hiatus. We don't want any unexpected leave!
13th | After getting accepted, put on a dp and check the ooc and info to register for a class or club. 

Positions available:
Guidance Counselor
Office Staff

Application form:
Name | Group | Position (student, teacher, etc.) | password


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avocajeon 2 days ago
applied as wendy
doldol 2 days ago
Sorry, Jisung is leaving :/
Laulau95 5 days ago
I applied for Taehyung! I hope I can make the cut ^^
Dontlookforme 5 days ago
Im sorry for taking up space :c
But I would like to return once everything is okay ooc ;;;
Wish this rp luck! ♡ bye for now
story-of-my-life 6 days ago
applied as jihyo
proudshikshin1 1 week ago
Aplied as jiyeon
jeons_princess 1 week ago
I'm sorry but Mingming left already >< I wasn't really active ;-; you got an upvote from me tho ♡
jlminiepabo 1 week ago
can you add and reserve jenny from blackpink?
Mikhun 1 week ago
Applied as Yeri
exobangtan 1 week ago
seonho is leaving sorry
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