Blooming Idols ~ An Entertainment AU RP//C L O S E D

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we're looking for anyone who'd like to join. prim rose entertainment is  currently in need of_more_trainees!!!
also, many staff positions are open!! 
opened 091217

males: 23
females: 22

theme by
about the roleplay / background
Four companies,  all named after flowers. will they bloom like the flowers they took their names from? that all depends on you.

Angel wing entertainment; concepts will vary, and the company is very open to different types of concepts. debut depends purely on the effort and work put into it, and not on image. ceo is andy biersack

baby's breath entertainment; Concepts vary based on what is preferred by most people, and what would be most successful when chosen. debut depends mostly on image and aesthetics, but work and effort is also a very big part of it. ceo is chase goehring.

scarlet sage entertainment; Concepts vary with who debuts- Trainees are thought of most of the time with these decisions and are always spoken to before any major decisions are made. all debuts depends on both image and work. ceo is laura marano.

prim rose entertainment; The musical concepts will be consisting of everthing (esp. Angel Wing's, Baby's Beath's, & Scarlet Sage's). The debut will be depending how your training progess goes and by working hard to earn it. CEO is Matt DeFreitas.

rules & regulations
1. favorite the rp!! upvoting is optional but very appreciated!
2. No ooc drama will be tolerated. you will get one warning to keep it out of here being getting kicked.
3. you can have a max of 8 characters, each after a certain number of points have been reached (check the point system room)
4. try talking to everyone in the ic room when you're there
5. password is your position as staff or your audition video for a trainee or actor
6. the choices of companies are scarlet sage ent, baby's breath ent, angel wing ent and prim rose ent.
8. the different staff positions are choreographers, back up dancers, managers, producers, and instructors
9. inactivity is set to 14 days so please be active in that time
10. dating ban is only 5 days kiddos, so follow it.
application form / example
real name: seo sangwon
stage name(trainees only): dex
Trainee actor or staff: dex
company of preference (trainees/actors only): baby's breath
main talents(trainees/two): rap, dance
password: find it

+ Please comment below for your desired character unless they are in the wishlist which is located in the masterlist. Those characters are free for anyone to apply to unless you'd like them reserved so you can apply later. just know that reservations only last 48 hours.
newest member
featured member
extra information / groups or factions etc.
all of the rooms are moved into groupings that are numbered so that it's easier for everyone to find everything!!

mass tags will be used a lot for comminicating, as well as announcements but I will try not to use too many and I will not tag people who are not participating in something that involves a mass tag or something similar.

please do not hesitate to ask an admin if youre confused about anything!! our pms are always open, and if you haven't joined yet but want to ask something then feel free to in the comments and we'll try to help out


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