Blooming Idols ~ An Entertainment AU RP//Three Companies to Choose from// FORYOURENTERTAINMENT HAS STARTED, ANOTHER EVENT COMING UP

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three companies, all named after flowers. Will they bloom like the flowers they took their names from? that all depends on you.

Angel Wing Entertainment; concepts will vary, and the company is very open to different types of concepts. debut depends purely on the effort and work put into it, and not on image. Ceo is andy biersack.

Baby's Breath Entertainment; Concepts vary based on what is preferred by most people, and what would be most successful when chosen. debut depends mostly on image and aesthetics, but work and effort is also a very big part of it. ceo is chase goehring.

Scarlet Sage Entertainment; Concepts vary with who debuts- Trainees are thought of most of the time with these decisions and are always spoken to before any major decisions are made. all debuts depends on both image and work. ceo is ms laura marano
laura marano
sse ceo
andy biersack
awe ceo
park chanyeol
name here
name here
1; favorite the roleplay~!! upvoting is optional but very very appreciated
2; no ooc drama will be tolerated.. you'll get one warning to keep it out of here before you get kicked
3; you can have a max of 8 characters, each after a certain number of points have been reached (check the point system room)
4; try talking to everyone in the ic room when you're there-
000; password is your position as staff or your audition video if you're a trainee
5; the choices of companies are scarlet sage ent, baby's breath ent, and angel wing ent
6; the different staff positions are choreographer, backup dancer, manager, producer, and instructor
7; inactivity is set to 14 days so please be active in that time!!!
8; dating ban is only five days, kiddos-
full name and stage name
trainee or staff
company of preference (trainees only)
blooming idols
blooming idols opening ---> 091217
searching for anyone who's interested in joining us~


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ScIfI00 3 days ago
add Choi Yewon/arin please and ty
kitramos 5 days ago
name: Nari Yi
age: 18
company pref: 1st pick Scarlet Sage 2nd pick: Angel wings
I did read the rules and saw you said to put "your audition video" as the password. I'm hoping you don't want an actual video.
wyverburster 1 week ago
please a&r lee jinsol of april
GhostRyder 1 week ago
park chanyeol please
Wisteria30 2 weeks ago
bae joohyun juseyo!
ajunice 2 weeks ago
Hoshi from svt
Beavis 2 weeks ago
Please add Bang Chan for me please
CelestineWanderer 3 weeks ago
Please add jung eunbi(eunha of gfriend).
brosoverhoes 3 weeks ago
add jiyeon please
Mikhun 3 weeks ago
I would love to have Kim Sujin back please
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