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Diamond creed
OPEN / AU rp

Society has always been about rank, status, wealth and belonging to a certain group of people. Dividing people into groups and choosing some kind of elite made it possible to keep a system for orientation even though it didn‘t always have a positive effect. It prevented chaos from spreading but it caused a quite big gap between the rich and the poor ones. The strong and the weak ones. The good and the bad ones.
Over the time, humankind evolved continuously and adjusted to the system for an unknown reason in a way that no one expected. At first, only a few humans showed unusual eye colors brighter than ever seen before but then there were more and more people whose eyes changed to fit their ranks. The said ranks got names according to the three only colors dominating after a few years: ruby, emerald and sapphire.
People with eyes as red as ruby were the strongest and wealthiest who also gained certain abilities in order to keep their spot on top of the system, followed by the emerald people. Their green eyes showed that they were somewhere in the middle and only had to listen to the rubies. They might be weaker but still had one ability unlike the blue eyed sapphires who had none at all. They are usually poor and have to use weapons to defend themselves in emergencies which leads some of them to be quite skilled thanks to hours and hours of hard training.

There is another rank though which can‘t be compared to the other three: diamond. Those with pure white eyes can be compared to Gods with their immense power and are in control of everything. They see everything. They hear everything. They know everything. To make it fair, always two of them watch over one rank and sometimes take advantage of the weaker beings in form of choosing a slave for a certain period of time. Everyone is hoping not to be the one.

Some people aren't happy with the system though. They belong to the unofficial rank "Pearl" and continuously try to attack the Diamonds but they also have to hide or else they might end up dead.
rules & ranks
Ⓓ Diamonds
Diamonds are the highest rank and god-like with up to 5 abilities. This status can‘t be reached since there can only be 6 of them. The six Diamonds are leaders responsible for the lower ranks. 

ⓡ Rubies
Rubies are known for their red eyes and are the second highest rank with three abilities. They might be wealthy as well.

ⓔ Emeralds
Those people show green eyes and are considered the middle rank. They have one ability.

ⓢ Sapphires
They have blue eyes, are the lowest rank and have no abilities like the others. They fight with weapons and are usually skilled.

ⓟ Pearls
Pearls are rebels and abandoned Sapphires, Emeralds or Rubies. They have enough of the ranking system but also have to hide in order to protect themselves until they decide to attack. Since they were once Sapphires, Emeralds or rubies, they can have up to 3 abilitIes.

1. Favourite the rp.
2. Be nice to everyone and avoid face chasing because no one likes that, right? Also stay away from causing OOC drama or else you‘ll get a warning. Same goes for and underaged face claims. If you ignore it and do it again, you will get kicked out.
3. Try to be active and don‘t let the inactivity sign show up because we‘ll have to warn you if we see it. The sign appears after 7 days.
4. If you need to go on hiatus or have to leave, please tell one of the admins. It‘s disrespectful and might cause a mess if you leave without telling anyone. A simple “bye“ is enough already.
5. It is important for everyone to stick to the limit of abilities. A Sapphire can‘t overpower a Ruby or a Diamond by using an ability. That‘s a no-no. Actual magic is not allowed because it's too powerful. Please be specific. Another thing you can't forget about are flaws, so make sure to add some to the profile after joining. 
6. Once you‘re accepted, add a dp and some kind of profile where we can see which abilities you chose if you applied as a gifted person (diamond, ruby, pearl or emerald).
7. You can have four characters as long none of them is inactive. Not accepting BTS for now. 
8. Dating ban for a week. All forms of pregnancy are allowed after being in a relationship for a month.
9. The password is the most powerful rank.
10. Move in couples are not allowed.
-Age (17+ in rl, pls don't change)


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