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this world is merciless

but its also beautiful


game of gamers was meant to be renowned game maker cjamms next masterpiece right beside his many other iconic games, it came as no surprise that the new release would be another success story. following its offical release, positive reviews and critiques were quick to follow, accompanied with never ending praise towards the games insanely realistic design and mechanics which implemented the latest technology. it took the world by storm however, when players began falling into a comatose state not too soon after logging into the game. players found themselves stuck in the game itself as the characters they themselves had customized, obtaining all their characteristics in the process. the ultimate survival ensued as the players began realizing that if they died in the game — they did back in the real world too.

a boys only roleplay

m rated

fantasy and game themed

point and event based

special thanks to esthetic




rules and guidelines


001 please favorite the thread, upvotes are loved and appreciated.
002 avoid ooc cliques, drama and face chasing. we will not tolerate ooc drama here and you will be informed to either clean up your act or leave. ic drama is encouraged but keep in mind this roleplay is meant to be a friendly environment.
003 we are an alternative universe role play meaning you are not idols.
004 inactivity lasts for 14 days. no warning before you're kicked.
005 keep on walls, pm's and rated rooms. frankly speaking, you will come across it often, so if you feel uncomfortable in that kind of environment please reconsider.
006 comment down below for your desired character. reservations last for 48 hours. if you want to extend just let us know.
007 no one liners. detailed script in both povs are encouraged.
008 two characters per head. get the head admins approval to get your second. it depends on the level of your activity.
009 if you have any questions regarding the concept of the roleplay or if you have any questions in general, feel free to ask. we will be more than delighted to assist you.
010 please don't be a wallflower. you will need points to get around the benefits of the roleplay so do use our rooms, we have a lot.
011 most importantly, have fun! we look forward to having you with us.




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select your character here
001 selected character
001 characters affinity
002 characters full name
003 characters age
004 short biography
005 password

The only thing you're allowed to do is to believe that you won't regret the choice you made.


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dai-chan 11 hours ago
a+r hong jisoo pls ouo
jinntonicismypoison 2 days ago
hi, can you please add and reserve kim seokjin? c:
wibble 2 days ago
I think my muse has returned c':
May I have Jihoon?
genwunner 3 days ago
pls don't kill me. i'd like to come back, but just as jaewon.
chokeonyeolk 4 days ago
can I have a second character to find back to the rp? lol I feel so lost with Joo.
knowBody_01 5 days ago
can you reserve zhang yixing for me?
MissRoyale 5 days ago
Kiji is leaving
professor_min 1 week ago
may i try a second character
as a "test drive" cause i wanna know if people will like him or not
[comment deleted by owner]
_brokensilence 1 week ago
I'd like to start my semi hiatus already
Till the end of this month.

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