me, you. ♡ yurirp :  — reopened & self-paced / our prayers go out to spain, usa, mexico, puerto rico, france, canada, brazil and more。

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me, you.
a non au, yuri roleplay.
upcoming pyjama party event.
nugu group.
Berry good:
berry good debuted with their first single 'love letter' in 2014 under jtg entertainment. they have a fandom that go by the name very berry.
currently, berry good has 6 current members, including: taeha, johyun, seoyul, daye, sehyung and gowoon. they also have 3 past members as well: subin, iera and nayeon.
their most recent release is 'bibbidi bobbidi boo'. the song communicates a highly positive message about taking the first steps to achieve your dreams and learning to love yourself for who you are. the song boasts an almost country sound, with a bright, fresh, pop melody combined.
unfortunately, berry good has undergone two member changes that has provided inconsistency within the group. they are also a part of a smaller company that lacks the funs to constantly produce high quality songs, music videos, and fund the promotions idol groups need nowadays to reach the top of their field. despite all of the negatives, berry good is a group brimming with undeniable talent, fun personalities and true potential, which is why they're this week's nugu group.
rules & guidlines.
001. firstly, this is a yuri roleplay and we allow girls only.
002. when reserving your character, please include their full name and group (if applicable), below. reservations last for 48 hours (2 days).
003. upon applying, ensure you have favourited the roleplay and upvoted if you have the points.
004. this is a non au roleplay, you are your idol. 005. there is to be no ooc drama or face chasing here.
005. the inactivity sign will show after 7 days of absence. once it appears, you will be removed without warning, however; you are always welcome to come back.
006. this roleplay has been created for the purpose of roleplaying. we welcome detailed first and third pov (point of view) and do not appreciate one liners.
007. we welcome international characters, marriage, moving couples, all with the exception of fpreg.
008. is allowed, but please keep it constricted to walls, pms and rated rooms. underage idols are not to be ualised by any means.
009. you are allowed to claim up to 3 characters with no point restrictions, all we ask is that you stay active.
010. if you wish to change characters, go on hiatus or leave the roleplay then please notify the admins by commenting below on the roleplay's description page so that we are all up to speed.
011. all themes are able to be explored here, just as long as you and your roleplaying partner have agreed on mutual terms whilst plotting and it is within the realistic means of being an idol.
012. please include a profile picture within 48 hours (2 days) of joining, or an admin will choose on for you.
013. the password is your female bias.
firstaid, active.
username, n/a.
username, n/a.
username, n/a.
username, n/a.
full name:eg. kim taeyeon
character's age:eg. 29 years
group name:eg. girls' generation
your timezone:eg. gmt +8
password:found in the rules
girls, girls.
est. 2017
coded by yxgurt


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Kinjaz 21 hours ago
Please add Loveli Shirahama!
Kiterunner 3 days ago
Could you please reserve Bae Joohyun from Red Velvet please? Thank you.
-wdtfs 6 days ago
thank you for the fun and lovely stay, loves ♡
chickenstrips 1 week ago
nana and mijoo gtg yush
forttaejin 1 week ago
wait, why is canada in your list of places you pray for? just curious
Mochi_b 1 week ago
add moon hyuna please
self-love 2 weeks ago
Dara and Lisa gtg <3
Stay y
Xanderinflames 2 weeks ago
Can you add and reserve Choi Sulli for me please?
self-love 2 weeks ago
Dara and Lisa are gonna need a hiatus
hookah 2 weeks ago
Hmmm why Brazil?
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