♡  ᴍᴇ, ʏᴏᴜ :  new yuri roleplay  —  we've got gays, how 'bout you? yeah me, you's got gays, how 'bout you? / upcoming matchmaking event and mini event in progress!

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tba: no current announcements or events!
s. yuri
head admin
m. mina
co admin
name here
name here
name here
one. this is a yuri roleplay, therefore; you must roleplay as a girl. two. please subscribe upon application & upvote if you are in the mood! three. this is a non au roleplay, so you are your idol. four. reseration lasts for fourty-eight hours (two days). five. you are allowed a maximum of three characters with no point limit, just ensure you are active. six. there is to be no ooc drama here, let's keep this a happy place for all! seven. is allowed, but please keep it to walls and pms. eight.  no face-chasing here. nine. we are currently only accepting idols that promote in korea, no international idols please. ten. inactivity will show after seven days. once it appears, we will leave a message for you to reply within 24 hours. if we receive no reply, you shall be removed. eleven. there is no dating ban, although marriage is not allowed for two weeks. twelve. finally, if you are leaving or planning  a hiatus,  then Please  leave us  a comment.
idol's name: eg. bae joohyun
idol's group: eg. red velvet
idol's age: eg. 27
timezone: eg. gmt +8
there is no password here!
me, you
introduction: welcome to the newest yuri roleplay on the block: me, you! we endeavour to be a long lasting roleplay here on roleplay republic and offer a safe, and enjoyable evironment for those who wish to participate in a female only environment! if you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to comment below.
we are officially open, as of 020817! with many positions available and open admin positions,  comment below  and apply now!


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jezooz 8 minutes ago
sorry guys yuju and boram have to go i'm getting too busy with life ;;
pixiiedust 7 hours ago
I let hyuna go :')
forttaejin 14 hours ago
a+r kang ahyung please?
Disneylover13 17 hours ago
May I get Kim Jiyeon(Kei) as my 2nd?
AngelLu 18 hours ago
lisa please?
PUDDIN 18 hours ago
Hirai momo please? OuO
souththth 18 hours ago
Since I clearly have no life,
and can be active, can I get Jessi
as a second, loves?
babyjune11 [A] 21 hours ago
request and masterlist cleared--
xuanyi highkey wanting her billionaire wife meiqi
fluffmeister 23 hours ago
yoohyeon is dippin
souththth 1 day ago
Is Hani open? (:
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