# twenty three。〈est. 08.03.17〉 – plenty of characters are available! :: stay lit fam.

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brand new non au! rip sweet sixteen. 
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"the great thing about getting older is that you get the chance to tell the people in your life who matter, what they mean to you"
001 : favorite the rp. upvoting is optional but definitely appreciated by us all.
002 : comment your desired character in the comment section below. please use full names, and make sure you thoroughly check the masterlist first. reservations will last for 48 hours.
003 : internationals allowed! you may reserve two characters at the start, but you must be active. we will be monitoring this. third characters are allowed when your first two have hit 200 pts each (unless you're a c00l admin).
004 : things that will not be tolerated: leaving people out in the chatroom, ooc drama, ic drama that is not consented, godmodding, being r00d.
005 : no pregnancies. no dating ban. move-in couples are allowed.
006 : the inactivity sign will pop up after 10 days.  you will receive no warning, but you are welcome to rejoin.
007 : pm an admin (preferred) or comment below if you are leaving or going on a hiatus.
008 : activity is rewarded! we will have mini events, larger-scale events, and also give out badges for various milestones. every so often we will give out prizes to those with the most badges.
009 : the spam room will be turned off from time to time to increase activity in the chatroom. the password is 'noot noot.'
010 : while this place will have a lot of crack in the chatroom, please, please, please rp as well. most of us are not only here for crack. most important, have fun. spread love.
coming soon.
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PUDDIN 2 weeks ago
Hwamini left ♡
-smoothie 2 weeks ago
Hongbin fly awei
-smoothie 2 weeks ago
Bye evrryone . :"(
amoree 2 weeks ago
Saeb dipped. Sorry!
DoneWithYou 2 weeks ago
Guk is leaving
doshi- 2 weeks ago
binnie left.
username 2 weeks ago
b ye bye
deceit 2 weeks ago
namum dipped. :"
_otekaji_ 3 weeks ago
Hiatus on himchan and lali jsy
amoree 3 weeks ago
Please add and reserve Han Saebyeol
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