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What do you get when you mix Avatar (the Airbender, not the alien movie), Hunger Games and EXO together? This roleplay! This is actually a revamp of what this roleplay was before (EXOdus), though we're going to be much more tight-knit and strict with posting this time. For now, only the 12 EXO boys are allowed and you better be dedicated if you want to join because this is going to be a long-term commitment roleplay.

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In the time immemorial, before the multiverses came into existence and long before the Earth was born, there existed only the elements; the 12 prime forces of the univese. From the Infinity came them, and from those elements came everything else in the universe. With that, they then developed conciousness and considered themselves the Gods over their respective realms - and they truly were the original Gods. Even though conflict and strife continued to brew between the opposing Elements, everything was allowed to exist in relative peace and the forces were able to work in temporary alliances.

But all is not well. Although the Elements exist on the planet in harmony, there are those that seek to corrupt their work. The elements' very own children have found a way into the world the elements have created and they seek to control their progenitors; they eventually became powerful enough to easily take over the world that the Elements have created, breaking apart the land into regions governed by each one.


The Gods, too caught up in their own strife and conflicts amongst each other, took no notice of their children's rebellion - until it was too late. Eventually, they became so powerless from their energies being drained in their constant struggles that they could do nothing to stop the new generation of "gods".


By now, those same children had solidified their possessive grasps over their respective territories, carving apart their parents' elements even smaller among the 30 of them. Finding that the Gods had "disappeared" over time and confident in their rule over the creatures of their lands, they began to call themselves gods.


But so as the Gods made conceived children, so did these False Gods make their own... Elementals, they called this new creature, not formed from them, but from what Life had left back to echo throughout the planet. Finding amusement with these new creatures, they teach the humans mastery over the Elements for the simple purpose of entertainment; the ultimate arena of death where the strongest Elementals fight one another to the death under the patronship of their respective False God.


Not exactly gone as the False Gods have proclaimed, the Elements, weakened and useless, watched in despair as their creations were corrupted and their powers were used for such horrendous events put on by False Gods.


They had to put a stop to this, and so they separated and placed themselves into human vessles, training to be the best in their region in order to meet again some day in the Millenius. Bestowed with the greatest gift each God could give their vessel, these 12 young Elementals shall meet to rise up to destroy these False Gods and restore the true order of Gods back into the universe.



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saintpepsi 1 year ago
wow the memories
stoner 4 years ago
kyungsoo left.
-teaspoon 4 years ago
sehun left.
mysticwhite 4 years ago
applied as EXO's Tao
Channie 5 years ago
Tao is leaving.
-teaspoon 5 years ago
sehun will be on a hiatus by the beginning of january til further notice.
xicewolf 5 years ago
Can you reserve an ulzzang Lee Chinhwa for me when you guys accept characters other than EXO members? <3333

/Previous Jin Jin and Jonghyun
Sooyoung 5 years ago
Reserve IU for me o u o
/Previous IU
xicewolf 5 years ago
I'm wishing so much luck on this place :P
Channie 5 years ago
Tao is going on an inpromptu hiatus.
I don't know when I'll be back.
If you're not okay with shoot me or something.
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