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about us

Many would describe us as "just another crack nonau", but we're so much more than that, trust me. B.I.N.G.O. is a community of loving peeps who don't bite (usually :"). This is a place full of love an fun - sometimes sad things happen as well, yeah. But that's okay, our fam will stand by your side if you need them. Many would expect us to be a club of little freaks (that's not true though, Chanyeol is a giant freak eue), but besides our messy ic chat many of us enjoy serious rp.

As you already noticed, we're a nonau rp, which means that you are an idol here. It's up to you to see where the story of your life flows, if you find the love of your life here, friends for life or... maybe enemies? And if you're really crazy, you marry and have children. Everything's possible. Need a walk on the beach, maybe in the forest to talk your feelings out? Want to go shopping in the mall with your best friends? Wanna throw a party at your apartment? Go ahead, nobody's gonna stop you.

We seem pretty chaotic, yeah, but you don't have to be scared of us. Just make sure to follow the rules and we'll have a really nice time here! ;u;

Rules and Guidelines

01 : Favorite the roleplay. Upvotes are appreciated.

02 : Talk to others, especially newbies. Doesn't feel nice to be left out. Of course nobody intends to leave you out, but still- take care of each other.

03 : No bashing or hating on others. OOC drama is e n e, ic drama is welcomed as long as it doesn't make anyone feel uncomfortable and is plotted. .

04 : Comment with the full name of your muse you want us to reserve for you, not the stage name please.

05 : All orientations are allowed as well as internationals, all POVs and moving couples, of course.

06 : Second character after 100 posts. 3rd after 300. 4th after 500, but if they go inactive, they get kicked right away [note: old rlyrly peeps will get all of their characters right away if they wish for it].

07 : Reservations last for 48 hours, if you need more time to apply, just let us know.

08 : Same goes for leaving peeps. If you leave, please leave a comment with the reason of your departure.

09 : inactive sign shows up after a week, after 2 weeks, you're out. We'll inform you about it.

10 : Hiatus lasts for up to 3 months. Semi hiatus for up to one and half a month.

11 : the golden ruler are t h e words. Have a nice time here.

12 : dating ban 'til 200 points. Marriage & pregnancy after 2 months of relationship.

13 : and other m-rated stuff only in m-rated rooms, walls or pms. Drug use is allowed, extremely triggering stuff like s*lf h*rm, su**ide or r*pe only in pms and only if your partner is okay with it, but never in rooms, idk why you'd rp it though tbh.

How to Join / Application Form

01 : leave a comment with the full name of your muse in the comments.

02 : fill out the application form.

03 : masterlist > [name of your muse] > [APPLY] > paste your application > apply for character

Application Form

full name:


age: (don't ualize minors!)




han sanghyuk.
main admin.


kang brian.


lee dasom.


byun baekhyun.


park roseanne.
Timezone +11.



open as of 29 08 2017


non au rp




Total / 028


male / 017


female / 011


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nunchi 1 month ago
seokjin left
Hwiyoung 1 month ago
I'd like to reserve Kim Youngkyun c:
Dawnyboy 1 month ago
Could I reserve Kim Jung-eun of Loona?
windowsxp 2 months ago
mark tuan here?
daddyslittleprincess 2 months ago
jongin dipped;;
Sugarly 2 months ago
idky im leaving
but ily guys sm
sori na out
sori is sori
_xeno_ 2 months ago
jiwom jiwomming out
Makeityours 2 months ago
this is sad tbh
but chen gotta go take care fam :"D
gongzhu-- 2 months ago
Lalisa, g u a n l i n, or kyla pristin
-taiyaki 3 months ago
casually packs bag
time for granny to finally die
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