↳ 「 Russian Roulette 」Matchmaking Roleplay ♡ Lots of Idols Available ♡ Opened and Accepting ♡ IN NEED OF MORE ACTIVE MALES

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russian Roulette
Non-Au/ Matchmaking/blind dates/ Straight/ Mature
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basic info.
Dating in the entertainment world
can be like a Russian Roulette.
You sneak around, you text each
other,you do your best to find your
happiness without getting caught
before someone pulls the trigger.

Russian Roulette is a system created
for idols to date other idols without worries.

The catch?

They are blind dates. 

Are you willing to play the game?
rules & guidlines.
▪ Subscribe/ upvotes are appreciated .

▪ comment your desired character
 below so it can beadded to the      masterlist.
▪ innactive sign means kick out.
   You have 10 days until this sign
▪ No ooc drama. Ic is welcomed as
  long as   it's not  taken personal .
▪ use brackets when speaking ooc
▪ No or violence allowed
▪ This a mature rp so be mature 

▪ Make sure to Add a picture to your    Profile and a bio
▪ Reservations last 48 hours
Main Admin
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Idols Name
Short Bio
Do you agree to the rules 
and accept the consequences
of breaking them?
est. 2017
coded by yxgurt


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mynameisxxx 3 months ago
irene is leaving!!
rose_petals 3 months ago
soojung leaving, tq !
Na_nayeon 5 months ago
Im Nayeon?
youmeanseverything 6 months ago
jiwon left
MichSanders01 6 months ago
Byun Baekhyun??
Philoslothical 6 months ago
-Masterlist Cleared-
Patotie 6 months ago
A&R Jennie please.
woofies 6 months ago
jeon jiwoo please
[comment deleted by owner]
aygayo 6 months ago
Reserve Kim Namjoon if you can, thank you~
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