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Initially released in 2013, this roleplay is designed to give you a taste of what it's like to be in the entertainment industry. From the behind the scenes of making a song and choreography, to recording it and filming the MV, to the forefront of performing and appearing on variety shows. But be careful with what you say and do, reporters are everywhere and they see everything. Join as a trainee or a soloist and go through your process. Is the spotlight not for you? No worries, you can always join as a fan or the vast behind the scenes careers like trainers and directors and managers. Get in fights, get married, even get pregnant and see how these choices affect your career as an idol. Will you get noticed and rise to the top? Or will you get lost in the sea of others like you?

Founded in 2000 by husband and wife James and Elizabeth Kwon, Sapphire Entertainment is home to all your favorite idols. Recently former CEO Elizabeth retired and gave the company to her oldest child Lucy, who is now CEO and runs the company with her very close friend Byun Baekhyun as coCEO.

Founded in XXXX by Song Joonki, 4Lyf is an acting and modeling company with an exclusive contract with Sapphire. They are home to all the actors and actresses and models found here and are in charge of fashion shows, dramas, movies and variety shows.

Bridge is a dance company home to backup dancers, choreographers and dance trainees. Most people under this company move on to go under Sapphire or 4Lyf should they decide they want to try their hand at debuting.

admins team


rules & regulations                                                   

001. Favorite & Upvote please! Much appreciated! You get 50 each for a total of 100 points if you do!
002. Check the faceclaim list, if a name isn't there they are available. Can't decide who to be? Check out the wishlist!
003. Comment the faceclaim you'd like, Reservations last 2 days or 48 hours. If you need an extension let us know. Got any questions? CHeck out our FAQ page or ask an admin.
004. Please no ooc drama. If you have a problem with someone try and talk it out or reach out to an admin and we will deal with it. ic drama is accepted and encouraged.
005. This shouldn't have to be said but no facechasing or userchasing or anything like that. It's just not cool guys okay? Please utilize the rooms and the group features and interact with everybody.
006. Inactivity is set for 8 days. You get two warnings before getting kicked out but feel free to reapply. Characters are deactivated until someone joins as that faceclaim or after 2 weeks then it's deleted.
007. all orientations and internationals allowed. Keep in rated rooms, walls and pm.
008. No Dating ban Wee! But try to get to know peeps before jumping into a relationship. Moving couples are allowed just tell us your date when you join.
009. Pregnancy is allowed, MPREG is not. However adoption and surrogates are accepted (password is your current fave song).
010. ccing is unlimited but costs 100 points each time. There is no character limit but be realistic with your activity level when taking a new character.


application form

Face claim Name
Character name (if different from character name)
Stage name
character age (Minimum is 14 ic & irl. Can age up/down up to 6 years. No ualizing minors even if you age them up if they're under 18 irl it's a no)
Occupation (check jobs list)
COmpany: choose based on your occupation
Talents (listed from strongest to weakest. Max 3 upon applying more can be added later)
Audition video(s)

- If you're applying as a trainer or a coach you can choose any of the three companies based on what you're training. Put it where it says talents
- Bodyguards, managers, stylists, backup dancers and makeup artists can put a specific person in your app if you'd like to be assigned to them otherwise You'll get assigned where needed.
- You can be under two or even all three companys if you have the talents to be under them. Your base company will be either Sapphire or 4lyf if you wish to debut.


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ppangtomi 1 year ago
Sorry, sungjae dipped
Losing my muse to rp these days..
Thanks for the good time
ruotianz 1 year ago
wheeze whispers
you can take me off hiatus i think i know how to manage my time better now- ouo
markles 1 year ago
could you please add and reserve ha sooyoung?
taelightsavings 1 year ago
Hi, Hongbin here! May I ask if I can have a semihiatus?
delilaha 1 year ago
I'm going to depart. I'm not really active here and just hogging characters
hongdae 1 year ago
a&r jennie kim?
844fa9160fda20fa8f06 1 year ago
can I have Na Jaemin in Brid(weirdsymbolinserted)
ruotianz 1 year ago
u h so i kinda lost muse for bogum-
i was wondering if i could cc him ? ;-;
swampert 1 year ago
I'm going to comeback here. Is it possible for me to change one of the characters I had?
sunsetz 1 year ago
ong seongwoo or kang daniel
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