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° i feel like a time traveller:
june, july, august.
summer dissolves in my mouth and i can't remember what it tasted like.

— zoe lianne


hello there hoely one! welcome to a place where the people are anything but hoely, despite the name. although one thing is for sure, we are a wild, colourful and loyal family. be yourself and you will be accepted, find friendship, love and more. we all inevitably change with the seasons, but the bond that we will share here will be forever sealed.





001. please favourite the roleplay and upvote if possible! 002. when reserving, please comment the full and stage name of your face claim. reservations last 24 hours. 003. we allow all orientations here, marriage, moving couples and internationals as well. however; no m/fpreg please, death or themes. 004. there is a dating ban of 3 days. 005. you are permitted up to 3 characters, with no point limitations; all we ask is that you remain active. 006. we may be semi-crack, but please respect those who want to roleplay. we are also non-au, meaning you are your idol. 007. no ooc drama, and minimal ic drama. no god-modding or face chasing. everyone deserves a chance. 008. please keep on walls and in pm. 009. you have seven days until your inactivity will show. once the sign appears, you will be removed without warning, you are always welcome to come back. 010. if you are leaving or taking a hiatus, then please comment below so all admins are up to speed. hiatuses, semi and full, have a maximum of 1 month. please ensure when posting below to include a return date.



001. character's name: eg. chou tzuyu

002. character's group: eg. twice

003. character's age: eg. 18 years old

004. character's orientation: eg. biual

005. your timezone: in gmt format



halloween movie week

for the last week of october, we will be holding a 7 day event to celebrate the widely loved halloween holiday. please check the latest announcement for updates and to suggest your own halloween themed film for viewing.

+ 061017.



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Lee_Bona 15 hours ago
applied for hongseok
Lee_Bona 1 day ago
Im really sorry that i didnt get to be active with hongseok. I haven’t really get a chance to hold my phone for long cuz i was busy applying for university. But can i please have him back? :(
ghoulish 2 days ago
a&r kim sohee please & ty
getschwifty 3 days ago
Left Johnny
thalassophile 3 days ago
a&r kim hyunwoo thanks.
Angelofmusic 3 days ago
Jiyeon left
daisukiyo- 4 days ago
Um- can I get stacey back?
RouteBot 5 days ago
bona or luda?
fleurdelis 5 days ago
Please re-add rapmon.
Thank you.
BooJae- 5 days ago
v is gone.
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