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a non-au roleplay
midnight, moonlight。
originally opened by winterswish in early september of 2017, midnight, moonlight is a roleplay that has been through various ups and downs and somehow has managed to survive it all; hence you us still standing here today.

after closing temporarily and undergoing a large spring clean, we're back again, barely hanging by the long surviving bonds created upon this roleplay's initial launch.

if you're shopping around the latest active tab for a new home, we can't promise we'll be all you hoped for but we can ensure that your time will be well spent and you'll be able to take something of value away from the many personalities we have here.
rules & regulations
001. we'll try to keep this part simple, just as long as you read and find the password.
002. as per usual, favourite the roleplay and upvote if possible.
003. when reserving, comment with your character's full name. reservations last 48 hours.
004.  we allow all orientations, nationalities, moving couples, marriage and pregnancy here within means. there is to be no f/m preg, or death themes here please.
005. there is a dating ban of 3 days.
006. you are allowed 3 characters with no point limitations. all we ask in return is that each of your characters is active. character changes are infinite.
007. this is a non-au roleplay and we are semi-crack. in saying that, it is still a roleplay. we will do our best to facilitate and support those who wish to roleplay.
008. is to be on walls and in pm only.
009. the inactivity sign will show after 7 days of absence. once visible, you will be removed. however; you are always welcome to come back. keep in mind your original account may not exist.
010. if you are taking a semi or full hiatus, please comment on the roleplay with your date of return so that all admins are up to speed. the maximum length for any hiatus, be that semi or full, is a month.
011. the password is elris, please include it in your application at the end. enjoy your stay!
full namejung jaewon
age22 yo
timezonegmt +8
name here
name here
update 001
update 002
update 003
est. 2017


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wytebunny 7 months ago
sinb left. lose muse to do anything
kishikun 7 months ago
Please a&r camjun
clinomaniac 7 months ago
i’m sorry but jayoung has left. thank you for all the memories here! y’all better take care now, yeah? < 3
kalopsia- 8 months ago
mcgregor 8 months ago
shownu gotta blast
retiredpupper 8 months ago
xiao dipped
gudetama 8 months ago
sorry, but eunha has to leave ;; i’ve been so busy lately that i haven’t been able to go on this site often, so i’ve decided to take a break from rpr. thank you for the memories!
eristic 8 months ago
f lails asdfghjkl i'm sorry i went inactive for a bit ahhhh
can i have my roa back tho i'm less busy now !!
unrevealed 8 months ago
chungha & jseph left, see you around fam
clinomaniac 8 months ago
could an admin put jayoung on hiatus please? thank you!
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