〈 zErO gRouNdS 〉 your one stop rp filled with ragrets ☠ ˢᵐᵘᵍᵍˡⁱⁿᵍ ᵖᵉᵒᵖˡᵉ ⁱⁿ ˢʰʰ

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zero grounds.
all of you fun, precious people. we just want to have fun tbh. idc what you do, just have fun, but don't get too into it, we aren't responsible if you really lose it. but yes, here, we regret all our life choices but who cares bc fun !
men: 00
women: 00
gummy bear
제한 없는
zero grounds is another nonau, with crack ofc, that's where the good stuffs are at. but here at zero grounds, we're taking your typical crack nonau a notch up. what is that, you ask? it just means we're unlimited here, close to zero restrains here, do whatever tf you want, we all just want to have fun, amiright. with that said, welcome to zero grounds, home of the regrets, we're a big mess.
note: as the title suggests, we open only for 2 weeks. based on the reaction our rp receives, we'll decide whether or not to delete the rp after 2 weeks. but reservation of characters will still be closed after 2 weeks and admins would not be maintaining this rp tbh.
oh wtf, we have rules although i said there's no restrains here? h a we need to make sure people don't cry and all ok, so listen carefully, we're really lenient, this is more of a list of guidelines tbh.
01 - favourite the thread, that goes without saying. upvotes are appreciated. 
02 - comment your faceclaim's name and it'll be reserved for you for 24hours. whatever you comment will be how your character's name will look like. eg: "im jaebum" but you commented "asian jb", you will find "asian jb" in the masterlist, easy ye.
03 - whatever faceclaim you want, we got you. that means internationals are allowed, you wanna be a ? sure fam, go 'head. you wanna be a 5 y/o? oh ye sure, babies are scary, but sure.
04 - no dating ban, that means there's no marriage ban either. love at first sight? you go, bro! 
05 - all orientations allowed. ghei around and turn out to be aual for all i care. be a hoe, we're all hoes, y'all my gardeners, thanks. 
06 - mpreg? fpreg? ye boi, who follows abstinence nowadays, aha. b u t no with the minors, wtf fam don't be ed up. is uh if planned bc plot i guess.
07 - drama? no ooc drama, ic drama to be kept to a minimum bc i don't want to deal with butthurt people. don't facechase or userchase either, talk to everyone, smh. and don't godmod, wyd.
08 - we're obviously a crack rp but keep your crack in the chatrooms only, don't harrass people who don't want the goods on their walls or pms, be respectful gdi.
09 - keep your in walls or pms, ual talk is fine but don't go overboard or you'll be drowned in holy water aite. 
10 - no number of characters limitation. meaning, if you want 20 characters, go ahead. there's no point requirement, all you need to do is make sure they're active.
11 - i lied about no requirements. we all gotta hit 50pts within 24hrs in the rp or you're out. so if you want to grab 2 characters at one go, both your characters need to hit the 50pts by 24hrs. 
12 - 7 days to inactivity. a warning would be shoot to your first chara and you have a day to kick that ugly sign away. no warnings will be given to your other characters tho. if you go inactive again, you're out without a warning.
13 - if you're leaving the rp, pm an admin, don't comment.
14 - lmao idk why we'll have people needing hiatus/sh here if we're opened only for 2 weeks but uh, no limit for that, just comment if you need it.
15 - fook, this is a long list, the password is any of the guidelines listed excluding numbers one to three and THIRTEEN TO fifteen.  you don't have to c&p the exact words, just the gist of it, paraphrase. have fun !!!!!!!
name + orientation + timezone + password
wtf are events when we're a rp opened only for 2 weeks. oh, our daily event is regretting everything.


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Creamyy 3 months ago
leaving sehun. bai
armani 4 months ago
yooa dipped.
Sparkly 4 months ago
slaps ya'all's asses
see you around peeps ;)
anarchist 4 months ago
Daddy gotta go
ChoiLuciel707 4 months ago
/terminator voice
Youngie- 4 months ago
BubbleBall 4 months ago
Crap ok ok for second should I be the dubu tofu or the pyo daddy?

I will explain who later
windowsxp 4 months ago
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when people wanna join they be like: who tf is avail

that's how i became inactivity
Krooks 4 months ago
Teaspoon is tired.
twofux 4 months ago
Add Hong Yoonjae for me, please?
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