ᵀᴴᴱ DESTINED || bts exclusive non au rp ; TWINX HOT AND READY FOR YOU apply now!

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"because all of this is not coincidence"

this is a bts only non-au rp. but the non-au just means you're idols. you can do whatever you like really. twins will be allowed after all original members have been taken. reservations last 48 hours. those engaging in ooc drama will be immediately removed. password is favoriting.

we have 2/2 min yoongi
we have 1/2 kim seokjin
we have 2/2 jung hoseok
we have 0/2 kim namjoon
we have 1/2 park jimin
we have 2/2 kim taehyung
we have 1/2 jeon jungkook

hi, it's a message from your admin, thank you for clicking on this rp. and even more thanks for joining if you do. i'm really just in it to have fun. keep things casual in the ic room. never be afraid to ask me to plot. and is allowed on pm, walls and room only.


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ParkJimin22 9 months ago
Hello! Can I be Jimin?
Redpaint 11 months ago
So sorry
Yoongi the second dipped
notawordbutmine 11 months ago
Lowkey wondering if I can join as Tinashe-
nunchi 11 months ago
left jin...
makkuro 11 months ago
So who is available lol
RouteBot 11 months ago
uhh. the masterlist has jungkook (1.0?) listed as taken but with nobody claiming it. if it’s up, may i snatch it?
self-love 11 months ago
SO turns out that I have to drop a few rps bcs my schedule is getting tight /cries in Italian
However I miss all of you hoebags dearly and I hope everyone stays amazing and well.

Bye M W A H

heart arms ♥️
cucciolo 11 months ago
yo can i be namjoon's twin?
self-love 11 months ago
So imma be on hiatus for a few bcs something has come up aka school and stresssss
Redpaint 11 months ago
Dab dab
Can i be the twin for yoongi?
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