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Stupid In Love
this is a place where love has no boundaires and people fall stupidly in love.we are frist established in 2015 under the same name 'stupid in love' or 'sil' for short.we've reopened this place ith freasher vibes so that we can make it a new home.
the rules

1. favorite this urp,upvote is optional. 2. no face chase or any chase.be nice to everyone. 3. no ooc drama please,ic would be fun tho. 4. 3 characters max,second character after 200 pts and third character after 500 pts achieved.keep em all active. 5. allowed in rated rooms,pm,and walls.no underaged ,keep thm pure and innocent bcs they are precious. 6. please inform the admins if you are leaving ,hiatus or sh. 7. pw: your fav love song 8. we accept internationals and moving couples
the application

the admins


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somnolenxe 2 days ago
I keep forgetting but can u slap woon with hiatus till jan 3?
BeveStuscemi 3 days ago
Can I have Brother Nut, please? ^v^
saintpepsi 3 days ago
y’all can reaccept me uwu also, is kwon eunbi available?
raikou [A] 4 days ago

if you’re passing by, here’s a video to entertain you! : D

bluestar7 4 days ago
Left jinwoo.
orbits 5 days ago
I think you can take off my hiatus haha
Duckphrodite 5 days ago
Nyane leboja please
Joyous9175 1 week ago
skitty will be leaving..
will come back once i got more time in my life
atychiphobia 1 week ago
can you reserve haein yeom?
moonii 1 week ago
Could I get yoona please
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