Royal Tea Palace Г お茶の時間 // 100 points for people who join/ Chada gives lap dances/ Check wishlist/ DOM's&SUB's needed

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royal tea palace
halloween event coming
Meet & greet event
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Welcome to royal tea cafe, here we'll treat you right! come, enjoy our beautiful palace and feel at home with our servers.

our maids are here to make sure your stay is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. please don't be afraid to ask for anything, we're here to help and satify your every..single..need.
about us
Favorite the rp, or you don't get in; upvotes are loved.
2 characters per person. ( 1 master, 1 maid )
No crack, please plot, & ro
Try to match your partner when rp'ing
Rp in rooms - we made them for a reason
Anything is allowed, as long as you discuss things with your partner - we don't want to be reported for triggering topics!
MPREG is allowed, but don't be getting pregnant all the time. only with your partner, or longer established relationship.
Poly is allowed, with permission
Password is your favorite song
how to join
name & age
maid / master / pet / daddy
timezone or password
main admin
co admin
admin name
admin name
admin name


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Elotes 4 hours ago
Applying for an open chara if that's alright :)
packrat 21 hours ago
Chanyeol/Suho apologizes for disappearing, committing social suicide- can't handle it anymore. I deeply apologize, and hope this rp flourishes.
Rose-Kitty 1 day ago
Congrats on the random feature!
okeydokeyyo 2 days ago
i don't see exo's chen up there, could i add and reserve him please?
oshawott 2 days ago
add kim namjoon for me please
stigma 2 days ago
kihyun is inactive—can i have him?
[comment deleted by owner]
Peach_TheKidd [A] 3 days ago
Hi welcome thanks for considering us, Please check the wishlist and wishlist comments to choose a character if you're having difficulty.
We need Doms and Subs so choose at your preference thank you, please remember to favorite thank you
- Peach admin
charliebrown 6 days ago
haiiiii can i A&R taeyong as a pet?
CallMeLovelyGalaxy 6 days ago
could you add Eddie Redmayne for me please?
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