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Just a nonau rp. Nothing special or out of ordinary. A wish by me that this place could last longer and have our happily ever after. Lots of love. The end.♡
- wonpil.

admin team


11/08/17 Revamp.
Despite us doing this much needed revamp, we hope to remain active and fun for those who are here and for those you may join us down the road. So please never hesitate to join us! We welcome you with open arms ♡.

rules & regulations                                                   

001. FAV is a must, upvote is very appreciated. 
002. only, sorry ladies. 
003. Semi-crack. So do not come here with pure crack, respect those who serious rp too please.
004. 2nd chara cost 100 pts and 3rd chara costs 500 pts. 4th and 5th charas are now allowed: no point limit, just be active. 
005.Inactivity is set for 7 days, you'll have one warning and 24 hours to remove the sign. If failing to do so, you'll be removed from the rp. If you wish to rejoin, then you may do so, but you'll not get a warning if inactive again, you'll just be removed.
006. Please be active In rooms. They are there to be used!
007. Absolutely no bashing, please be friendly to everyone.
008. If there's an issue, please come to an admin to help you.
009. Password is your kinks/. Please answer honestly when filling out the application form. If you don't, then you may not be accepted. 
010. IC drama is fine, but don't over do it, and OOC drama is not tolerated. Keep that drama for your mama. 
011. No triggering themes, please! If leaving, please either pm an admin or comment. 
012. No internationals for now. 
013. NO facechasing! It is not tolerated here.

Before you request a certain character, please please please check the masterlist first. Once you've checked, and your desired character is available, then you may comment to reserve them.



how to apply and application form



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infinitefrost 1 month ago
Hae In left
riceball 5 months ago
luhan left
thank you for having me
knowBody_01 5 months ago
yifan's gonna fly thank you for having me
infinitefrost 6 months ago
can you slap a hiatus on Hae In?
2018 will be a busy year, TwT
babypupper 6 months ago
daehyun left
twinkerbell 7 months ago
bambam left
orphic 7 months ago
Jaebum dipped. Thanks for the all the memories whilst it last.
whoisbrian 7 months ago
kyungil and wonsik left, sorry.
win-junnie 7 months ago
Taehyung will be leaving
it was fun! thank you for having me
baby-groot 7 months ago
jisoo's leaving o/
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