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You met on a day like any other, it was raining outside— or was the sun shining brighter than it ever has? His fingers brushed yours, or perhaps it was the other way around, and sparks flew. You knew then that you were meant to be his for the rest of your lives. The only thing standing in your way… blah, blah, blah.

How many times are we all going to live through this same cliche? Is that really what you want your story to be? Boy meets boy, it was love at first sight, and they lived happily ever after. Don't get me wrong, it's the kind of story that has been selling paperbacks for ages. but do you know what that story really is? B-O-R-I-N-G.

let's take it once more from the top, shall we?

periwinkle is a only, non-au rp, established and opened october 15th, 2017. while you will still play your character as they are in the real world (which means stick to their personality to some extent, please) you are encouraged to shake things up a little. reflect on who you are as a person, make ride or die friends, discover which member of the same company you really just cannot stand—is it the ual tension?—fall in love, start a family. But Whatever you do, make it interesting dammit! so don't tip toe through the tulips, party with the periwinkles.
01 — comment the full name of the character you wish to reserve, and the group or grouping (i.e. ulzzang). For Example: "a&r monsta x's yoo kihyun"
02 — favoriting the roleplay is a must. upvotes are also appreciated, but are not necessary.
03 — reservations last for 48 hours, but you may request additional time (up to 48 hours more).
04 — inactivity is set to 7 days, and should you become inactive you will receive a warning and have 48 hours from the time of the warning to kick the inactive sign. you will only receive 2 warnings as a courtesy; 3 strikes and you're out.
05 — there are no indefinite hiatuses available here. semi-hiatuses (in which you must show occasional activity) are allowed for up to 6 weeks, full hiatuses are allowed for up to 1 month. if a person on semi-hiatus becomes inactive for 1 month, it will be considered a full hiatus, and they will receive a 48 hour warning that the hiatus has expired before the character is removed.
06 — when leaving the rp you m u s t comment that you are leaving. if you do not, you risk not being able to return to the rp at a later date should you choose to. you m u s t also comment when seeking hiatus for your character(s).
07 — characters with less than 50 points when removed will be deleted rather than deactivated. if you leave without commenting, your character will be deleted after 7 days, regardless of how many points you had.
08 — 3 characters allowed per soul total. 2 characters are allowed right upon joining, but you'll need 500 points (in some combination) for your third.
08 — this is a non-au rp. we're a swinging , asian celebrity family here. that means no ladies, and no (non-asian) internationals. sorry.
09 — triggering content such as , self-harm, physical violence, death, and suicide are not allowed in A N Y public rooms, or on walls. we cannot police pms, however, if it is brought to our attention that activities engaged in are not being consented to by both parties, we will take action.
10 — ooc drama is strictly prohibited, and strict action will be taken to put an end to it. ic drama is to be kept on the downlow in basic rooms (e.g. the chat room), but is encouraged in other rooms and on walls as you see fit.
11 — there is to be no ualizing of underage individuals. we understand that age of consent laws are a tricky thing internationally, but generally speaking if the individual hasn't turned 18 years old internationally yet, there should be no bumping of uglies. on that note, keep out of the unrated public rooms in general.
12 — there are no dating, marriage, etc. bans in effect here. however, we do ask that you keep it realistic. we're not saying love at first sight and elopements don't exist, but that isn't everyone's story.
13 — the password is your favorite flower.
14 — minor breaches in the rules as outlined will be dealt with by an (approximately) 1 hour ban from the rp. major breaches in the rules will be dealth with as necessary.
15 — if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to direct them to main admin, minhyuk, first. if it is time sensitive, feel free to go to a co-admin that is online.
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taemin gone
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ok, Jongup's gotta dip
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soo gone for now!
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A&R Huang Zitao/ZTAO please?
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Jongin left. Thanks for having me here.
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Add BTS' J-Hope?
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Add Jackson wang from got7?
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A&R lu han please?
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A&R BTS’s Kim Taehyung please?
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