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here come the regrets


a nonau roleplay

accepting all orientations and ualities

also accepting internationals 


"here come the regrets, here comes the i wish i hadn't done it, i wish i handn't said it, i wish that i could take it all back"

not as depressing as we sound tbh 


1) favourite the roleplay. upvotes are welcomed 

2) comment the full nameof the character you want below. reservations last 24 hours 

3) four characters per soul with no additional point requirements 

4) internationals and move in couples allowed. theres a dating ban of 300 points

5) no ooc drama allowed

6) password: home is far away


1) full name 

2) group 

3) orientation 

4) time zone 

5) password

featuring members / most wanted


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gentlemanbones 6 hours ago
jeup left the building.
harana 7 hours ago
youngmin & lali took their leave.

pls check the alpaca's wall for his message < 3
johnnyboi 13 hours ago
I forgot to apply for Mark Lee- can you readd him for me??
loneIy 16 hours ago
beejung has left the building o/
i had fun c:
duckie 18 hours ago
bobae gtg.
twice_ 18 hours ago
Dropping yoojunh
pinkhoshi 1 day ago
soonyoung gotta go
Kenyonce 3 days ago
hong jisoo and heize need a hiatus until dec 15
johnnyboi 3 days ago
May i have Mark Lee as my 3rd?
_xeno_ 3 days ago
jaewon dipped
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