Aces: Where Omegas Rule | NEW ABO Wolf AURP | New And Accepting Applications for Multiple Positions! Healing and Comfort: new event will begin soon.

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▽ aces; where the omegas rule
alternative universe
3rd & 1st pov
open & accepting
no crack

latest about roleplay

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about roleplay
In the state of Ässä, pronounced "Asha", there are four regions that coexist with each other. They are controlled by several wolf packs, the Kau, the Maaseutu, the Vesi and the Metsa. The Kau is for you if you think you can handle the pressures of negotiation. Consider the Maaseutu if working with your hands on a farm is your kind of thing. Then there's the Vesi, they're for you if you can keep the peace, stay calm, cool and collected until someone pushes you too hard. The METSÄ, the quiet, calculating, forest wolves that are protective of their own. Choose wisely when deciding what pack to join. You never know what could happen.

Jimin: Hey everyone it's ace here, i am the main admin, but like... i am so blessed and lucky to have such an amazing team to be working with, everyone of these admins that are right next to my character deserve like a hug from everyone, each of their chracters are very different from another admin and they are super excited to be open. I am honored to work with my 4 other coadmins.  
rules & regulations
001. Respect everyone and respect the golden rule treat one how you wanna be treated 002. no , killing, , or any plots of those nature (killing plots may be discussed with the rp partner, but the admin in charge of your pack must be alerted first, do not give the whole details if you do not wish to).
003. this is au, so no your characters are not the idols that they are OOC. with this in mind please do not ualize minors, thas just not cool bro. 004. OOC is for OOC IC is for IC, any OOC drama happens then an admin will pm you with a first warning, second warning and then you receive a ban for a day.
005. password is... keep reading to number 11
006. this is also an abo rp that means you roll for your orientation
007. please follow the application process very carefully
008. the admins are here for you to help you, if you have any questions don't just pm the main admin, you can pm any of the other ones as well! 009. before applying check the important tab with all the rooms there, so you can get an idea for what you want as a character, everything is explained there in detail
010. have fun rps are meant for you to have fun!
011. Pass is your favorite kpop song from 2017 that you think should win song of the year 012: when accepted, go to the ABO room to see if you're top, bottom or switch. Alphas are the ones impregnating, Omegas can carry pups and Betas can't do any of those for now.
application form
How to apply: Firstly, ask one of the admins to reserve a character for you. You'll have 24 hours to apply. Use the application form below and make sure to fill it in correctly.

Pack [ Kau is closed for apps. ]

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opening of roleplay

roleplay update 
updated layout

roleplay update 
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roleplay update 
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Healing and Comfort; coming soon
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The downfall and rebirth of Kau


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sungrae 4 days ago
wow. this is tough and I didn't think it'd come to this... =/
Cory is out
corruptin_the_living 4 days ago
Yongguk's gonna bounce-
Baebaejin 5 days ago
Can I reserve bae jinyoung??
self-love 6 days ago
Jay has left <3
peachboy 1 week ago
a + r Kim Jinwoo puhlease
YouDidWell 1 week ago
Im leaving jihoon, muse is gone
mamamooncake 1 week ago
Minhyuk left
Can't really find my muse anymore but this place was nice while it lasted

And Christian left too but he was unable to inform anyone because he can't access the rp anymore :/
sadistic_child 1 week ago
Meto's going to leave too. I love my Meto so this is very sad for me.
huniverse 2 weeks ago
sehun left
ChoiLuciel707 2 weeks ago
dropping Haneul, I just really had some trouble pulling back my muse, but this place is really great^^ I enjoyed my stay and thank you for accepting me here \o perhaps when I get into it again I'll see everyone again heh-
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