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Welcome to
The New World
Make your own character! It's like build-a-bear for roleplayers.
This is a first and third POV roleplay



We have been around for nearly three years, and we've just come back after being deactivated without warning! (we still don't know who reported us and why). We need lots of new blood, since many old friends rpr when we disappeared and now we can't find them T_T

This roleplay creates non-existent groups that you can put any character in, whether it's an original character (OC), an ulzzang, an already existing idol, or even yourself.
IT CAN BE A FICITONAL CHARACTER!!! They have to look like a real person though, so no anime and stuff. This is your FACE CLAIM. You are using this person's appearance and demeanor as your own.

You can become an idol and form deep connections with your members, or an actor, model, and staff such as managers.

The Time is running in real time (KST), but debut groups and promotions will be unproportionally sped up so we can populate the world of kpop rp faster.

Apply as any Open character at the beginning of the masterlist by filling in the application found in rules and ask anyone to explain everything to you once you've been accepted! If you were here before, we may be able to give you your old character back! Just comment! MAKE SURE TO COMMENT SO WE CAN TELL YOU WHEN YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG in the application. Also if you apply for an old character your application won't show up so make sure you comment to let us know to reaccept your app!

Everyone starts out as either a Trainee or non-trainee. Trainees can go on to become idols, models, and actresses. Non-trainees can go on to work at the company as an instructor, manager, photographer, or elsewhere (like a teacher or paparazzi).

To progress, we have showcases for trainees, and applications for hiring when we need staff. You will need sufficients
POINTS and POSTS to advance, which you get by roleplaying.

Apply for any Open character. They may be already labeled with jobs like student, stylist, or pimp, etc. Apply for [Other] if what you want isn't on there. Any of these people can still become a trainee later on.

Please COMMENT when you apply! This is the only way to reach you to tell you if something is wrong with your application, especially if your profile is private! If you had a character in this rp before who had more than 200 posts, you can comment and ask admin to reactivate it for you.

We will paste your app into the description portion of your character's profile. You are welcome to format it and make it look pretty, but please leave all the information there and easily visible, not white font and light grey back ground that you need to scroll down some tiny portion of your fancy profile panel to find.

1. Name (feel free to use the name of the face claim you want!)
2. Gender
3. Age
4. face claim - make sure to the red box on the
faceclaim page or rules and fill in the spreadsheet!
5. Trainee or not?
6. Schedule of when you are usually online (day of week followed by hr-hr) so we can schedule events for your group you can attend. Remember to put it in
KST. (GMT +9)
7. Password:



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compass 1 year ago
sooyeon dipped bcs clearing chara-
and yeah I missed this place bye
phoreal 1 year ago
Is this what i think it is????????? IT IS omg the memories old rper back from the dead don't mind me
-BabyElf_Fan 2 years ago
Sorry but Jay is leaving ;-; I will miss this place a lot
exoticinspirit 3 years ago
I was a Coordi here a few years back for whatever group Yuki and U and Willow and everyone else I'm forgetting right now were in.
I seriously can't remember my character's name right now. It was Changmi I think, but I'm not for sure.
If anyone remembers please tell me, but if not then just add me to the master list as Changmi, please~
-BabyElf_Fan 3 years ago
Hi, I got out of college sooner then I thought I would so you can take jay off hiatus ^^
-BabyElf_Fan 3 years ago
Hi, can you put Jay on hiatus until the 1st of January please? ^^
I won't been on for a while but I want to keep my character ^^
secondhandoftime 3 years ago
Is it back open?
Former U here
BangingDae 4 years ago
Affiliate? Please? Please pretty pwease?
-BabyElf_Fan 4 years ago
I'm coming back as Jay again! :D
Rain_Man [A] 4 years ago
OK also im very sorry but as excited as i am i have 3 assignments to do and a ton of life so i will try to get back to you guys as soon as possible T-T
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