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a life that's beautiful & fragile
Status / Update: Newly opened and accepting all coquetters!
About Us
Welcome to coquette! A city full of coquetters. Are you tired of acting as a civil idols? Tired of acting as an upright actress or models? You want to let out your inner coquettish? Want to flirt with everyon without being mistaken as a fox? Then, this is your chance sweetie! Coquette City is a city born to let you be as coquettish as you want! Flirt as much as you want! Be a memes and steal everyone's heart with your wittiness here! Are you interested now? If yes, come apply and be a part of out coquttes family!
Rules & Regulations
1- No dramas! 2- Girls only 3- Internationals arent welcome as for now. Only those who works in korean industry! 4- You are allowed to have 2 charas. you need to be active in both accs if you wish for a 3rd one. 5- No dating ban! date whoever you want! 6- Pregnancy arent allowed! only in rated M room. 8-Please be active at least thrice in a week and use the room! 9- Interact with everyone! Greet and welcome all those squishy ladies. 10- No face-chasing, treat everyone equally. 11- The password is the missing number! 12- Have fun
1-Favorite this rp.
2- Comment below with your desired chara's real name. 
3- Reservation lasted for 24hours.
4- Put up a simple profile once you are accepted!
5. Be active!!!
Name :
Rate how coquettish are you:
12/11/17 - We are open!
p/s- chaeeun is a clingy bear
psssst- Sana gives free hugs and kisses!


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Mochi_b 4 months ago
Sorry. Kyungri left.
Thanks for having me here.
MysteryPerson 4 months ago
a+r joy pls
RabInA 4 months ago
Please add and reserve Kim Dahyun of Twice for me ouo
gumdrop 4 months ago
Please reserve lisa of black pink for me
bunnies- 4 months ago
Reapply as lee chaeeun <3
divineintervention 4 months ago
a & r bae joohyun for me :>
ppalgan 4 months ago
untress 4 months ago
Rv's seulgi pls
kagaki 4 months ago
I can’t choose between Mina or Jeongyeon. Who is wanted more?
finessekid 4 months ago
a&r Clara Lee for me pls?
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