School of Pleasure : a , Straight and Yuri Roleplay [ Active rpers are needed.o u o oh. and some straight guys too. ] - Accepting anyone CURRENTLY REVAMPING AND CLEARING INACTIVES PLEASE APPLY. *CREYS* Happy 700 favorites. :DDD .

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School of Pleasure

School of Pleasure



You had just finished the latest show that you participated in. You were feeling happy about the results, all the people loved you to bone. Well. At least you thought so. Until that day came.
You were casually lazying around your place when a mysterious packaged is delivered to you. Curious, you opened it, feeling your eyes widening when you saw a mysterious thick book inside. Lifting it up, you placed it on your desk and opened it, seeing a phrase telling you to right your name on a blank page, immediately doing it.
Light engulfed you, the pages on the book fluttering until it stopped on a page, a page that shows a picture of a school. Heat exploded and you were gone, transported into the school inside the picture.
The school wasn't a normal one though, it's a school for pleasure.



001//4th wave of killings done.

002.Valentine's Day Event

003: 3rd wave of killings done
2nd wave of killings done.
005//Valentine's day event preparations started









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prettyinblood 4 years ago
I want to apply but I can't figure out the password ;;;;
mxxnchild 4 years ago
checking out who i was
sehngel 4 years ago
I'll be leaving the rp as Hara. I'm cleaning out my non-active rps as of now :(
-SecretWings- 4 years ago
Hello there!
Are you still accepting?
if yes, is Song Ahri really reserved?:)
shootingstars 5 years ago
are you still accepting?
rengoku 5 years ago
applied for chanyeol
shineesarahh 5 years ago
I'm sorry but Hanbyul is leaving
pinkcrayon 5 years ago
If it's alright I'd also like to come back as Kim jisoo
pinkcrayon 5 years ago
Applied as ken from vixx
Alex_Chae 5 years ago
Song Ahri left the roleplay for personal reason.. Thanks for having me.
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