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are you ready for the challenge? 
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basic info.
after leaving snsd, jung jessica spreads her wings with 
her own clothing line, blanc and eclare. out of people 
expectation, the brand become world wide sensation
with retail stores all over the world. looking at her 
successful story, idols starting to have their own 
business from food, clothing line, eyewear, basically
anything they're able to sell. know that her brand 
won't last long if she wasn't being a creative one, 
jessica takes a hiatus from idol world and establish
her very own company, instyle. 
not only clothing line, instyle aim to be the first and 
only retail company that have one stop lifestyle 
shopping center concept. build on a wide complex 
in outskirt of seoul, she's now searching for talented,
supportive, loyal and competitive staffs to be working
are you ready for the challenge? 
rules & guidlines.
1. Favorite, upvote is much appreciated 
2. 14 days inactivity, hiatus or leaving please inform 
3. no ooc drama, ic drama is encourage. 
4. all orientations and internationals accepted.
5. strictly 1st detailed and 3rd pov only. 
6. no facechasing or user chasing 
7. choose your position in rules 
8. no crack except in chatroom 
9. 2nd chara for 300 points  
9. fill this form for the application : 
full name : 
age : 
orientation : 
position : 
background : min. 3 sentences, please include working 
                             background here 
personality : min. 3 words
is there any password? 

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choibaby 1 day ago
yunho will be on hiatus for two weeks :(
LilithSatrina 2 days ago
Could you add Kim Jaejoong, please? :3
byunass 3 days ago
can you please put a SH for baekhyun until the 22nd december? I am in my last weeks of courses and I can only be online in the weekend since I have a lot of assignments to finish. sorry and thank you!
PEEKAB0O 3 days ago
add irene/bae joohyun for me please!
Jinthejinx 3 days ago
A&R Kim Namjoon pls, thank you
fatelines 5 days ago
Hallu! A&R Kiko Mizuhara please? Also, is it possible for her to apply as a mechanic or will that fall under janitorial work as well?
alkimista 5 days ago
A&R Jung Taekwoon? Thanks!
Bangtangaran 5 days ago
Please A&R Kim Taehyung
XxGZBxX 6 days ago
Taehyung left sorry for the very short stay
neocultured 1 week ago
Please add and reserve Lee Taeyong!
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