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events: hearts for days. change your profile pictures. lasts from February 3rd to February 16th. | send gifts and love to your favorites. lasts from February 3rd to February 29th. Gotta fill the rest of this space. Matchmaking, maybe. Vote for that. Tiddies. Tiddies. And tiddies.
02.14.18: valentines!
Hi, hello. Welcome to Iceland. We are a nonau roleplay with a knack for relaxation (Lies). Please, come and join us as we huddle for warmth and sip hot cocoa in the winter. We accept you all with open arms, so come. ♡
about us
01. favorite the rp please, it's mandatory. If you're feeling generous, leave an upvote. we appreciate the love. 02. this is a nonau, meaning we are all celebrities. 03. this is also only, meaning no females allowed. we do indeed sip the "respect women juice," but we are also all pretty homo. 04. minors are not allowed. if your desired faceclaim is a minor in real life, he is not allowed here. sorry. 05. After 5 days your character will become inactive. You will be sent one warning. If you fail to become active in the time allotted, your character will be deactivated. You can come back at any time. 06. be happy, you're amazing. 07. smile, it's beautiful. 08. laugh, you're loved. 09. relax, everything is going to be alright. 10. bring positive vibes.
how to join
No app, have fun. ♡
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-brokenhearted 5 hours ago
This place looks amazingggg!!
Can I have Noh Jihoon please??
whateven_ 1 day ago
Before I ing forget

Taehyung is mine <3

See ya in a week loves o/
chankyu10 2 days ago
Can I have a second character pleaseee
Daedal 3 days ago
Sorry for not participating actively but Baek will be leaving. Thank you for having me ;;
kkimbap 3 days ago
Cries okay babes I'm doing this
Can I have CNBlue's Kang Minhyuk as a second? <3
cromuIent 3 days ago
taehyun + the boys will be...
nikiforov 3 days ago
gurlges cause i miss one of my muses
beanfluff 4 days ago
hey hey hey hey hey ;u; i can come off my hiatus i think ;u; cause my muse has wiggled back ;u; also ;u; can i have sibong back ;u;
Kim4Shim 4 days ago
can I change my character in someone else?
DaddyJimin 4 days ago
y'all ready know what the going on -- may I get Hiroto back jsy ö u ö
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