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— newly opened & accepting.
have you always wanted to be in a roleplay filled with warm, fuzzy, cute and welcoming members? If so then magnetic is the place for your especially with one fun loving admin. Well then come join our loving family and humble abode even if your don't want to take part in the matchmaking which is totally optional! we, the admins, will love you all with all of our hearts so do join us c:
001. first and most important rule, subscribe. up-voting is an option but not necessary. 002.be active at all times! 003. please no selective replies. we are a family so do make an effort to talk to anyone and everyone. 004. we do not tolerate any facechasing or drama. respect everyone. if there is any problems or issues, please dm the admins. 005. keep ooc talk to a minimum. if talking in ooc, use brackets ()//{}[] etc. 006. is allowed in pms, rated - m rooms, or walls so please be mindful of others. #let'sprotect the innocent kids. 007. all types of relationships/ preferences are allowed move-in couples are exempted but just tell the admin! 008. character changes are unlimited but don't abuse the rules. ccs are available after 5 days of being that fc. PW: What's your favorite movie? 09. dm the admins if you're planning to take a semi-hiatus, hiatus or leaving. max hiatus is two weeks. max semi-hiatus is 4 weeks but you must be active for three days out of the week. 010. inactivity for 4 days results to a kickout but you are free to rejoin.
001. check out the master list to see which characters are taken. check the wishlist if you don't know who to be! then comment down below to tell us who you want to BE. K-idols, actors, actresses, models are accepted. no intl faceclaims atm, sorry. 002. read the rules again if you can't find the password. 003. reservations only last for 24 hours. if you need an extension, please feel free to ask. 004. do the application form when describing your ideal type max two sentences no exceptions. and remember, enjoy our awesome ohana. we all love one another. be welcoming to all our new family members. have fun and stay cool!
would you lilke to be a part of
the matchmaking game?
( yes or no )
If you say yes describe your 
ideal type:
name. wishes wishes wishes
name. wishes wishes wishes
name. wishes wishes wishes
name. wishes wishes wishes


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goldilocksmith 2 days ago
sana left sorry bb
jibooty 6 days ago
chanyeol is leaving. ooc problems.
jungjeffrey 6 days ago
Sorry for the short time. Nayeon dipped
shattered_ 1 week ago
who to join as o u o
-taiyaki 1 week ago
park seoha dipped
kishikun 1 week ago
A&r park seojoon pls
kiraszz 1 week ago
can you a&r park subin pls?
snowdrops 1 week ago
i'm sorry for the short stay but meiqi dipped. ; u ;
ddaisy 1 week ago
bona dipped, thanks c’:
crumbs 1 week ago
jackson wang please! thank you.
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