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a future robot shop roleplay 
about us.
year 2040 where technology become casual part of your life. a shop has opened with human-like robots, each designed for specific thing (household chores, gardening, searching etc) apart from that, they are very similar to humans the design progressed so hard that it is hard to identify robot from human yet they are way more perfect (faster, stronger etc.) though nothing supernatural, no laser eyes if you imagine that, nothing like that. now in year 2040 people send their robots to work when they want day off, they leave them at home to do chores, they send them out to do stuff for them. in this community that is part of daily life.
01. don't rp with just anyone? state your rping rules on your wall.

02. favorite is a must. upvotes gain you +300pts. (they are needed here, is expensive)

03. asians only. 1st and 3rd pov allowed. hold back from one liners in proper rooms, it's nicer to stalk longer replies.

04. if you have question i will gladly answer it just comment.

05. reservations take 48 hours. inactivity appears after two weeks.

06. password is in the rules section (this is description one)

07. click here for human job or robot design ideas.
01. robot can be human like phone let's say. it can look up things on goggle if they wish for but they do need to get charged. each robot come with a metal bracelet if human wears it, it gives them electric shock. why? because that is their battery. without it robots can stay on for no longer than 24 hours. battery gets drained compared to the activity. etc walking would save more than running.

02. when taking a robot for a try or buying, human is given a matching bracelet with his robot code, it notifies them with any kind of problem and if his robot is getting on low battery, it has gps. both human and robot can send a signal to each other when they need help.

03. it would be wrong to say robots are heartless, some of them have their personalities developed while being in the shop.

04. mpreg is allowed but only if specific pills are taken, there is different pill for humans that could cause a possible baby in their bellies by getting humped/coughs/ and different pill for robots so it is possible for them too.

05. robots can only leave shop for a little after they have been tried out at least once, meaning they become more trustworthy yet they are still tracked by workers and need to come back to shop.
application form.
full name:
about your chara:
occupation: for humans
designed for: for robots
small credits.
the character box is inspired by shazam rp, i found it very useful for this rp too. other ideas are original giving the character box credits to the layout owner and shazam.
urgent. granted.
bang yongguk: bAp members.

mark tuan: jaebum, ahn jaehyun and itthipat thanit.

daehwi: kim youngwoo.

lee minhyuk: rest of the monsta x fellows ; wonho, jooheon, hyungwon, and shownu. got7 and more exo. coughs- also more people to plot with. :')

kang daniel: jb, wonho, and jackson

 lee donghae: the rest of sechskies (esp. kang sunghoon)
cjamm: go hyunho and yoo seungho
Edward zo: y hot beastly men.
Taemin: ren/choi minki of nu'est


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TokidokiHelloKitty 7 hours ago
can you a and r Joji Miller plz
TokidokiHelloKitty 14 hours ago
so, all asians aloowed? Not just kpop ones?
Is one that is born and raised in Asia, but only half-asian okay?
TY-Track 2 days ago
Can I have Taeyong reserved please?
taekmysugakookies 2 days ago
so can i reserve park jimin instead? ^^;;
motorcycle 2 days ago
a&r Lu Han for me please ~
AceofSpades 3 days ago
drops the favorite and upvote for bae
self-love 4 days ago
A&R Kim Mingyu please
taekmysugakookies 4 days ago
add and reserve choi junhong for me please?
Innocence- 4 days ago
Woah this reminds me of dmmd and very interesting (๑・ω-)~♥”
-BabyElf_Fan 4 days ago
Can you add J.seph from kard please? ^^
If you need his full name it's Kim Taehyung :)
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