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lisica 4 days ago
yo, i'm back to claim me some kwon jiyong
so if you please-
monsuta 4 days ago
chae quack quack left ;;
nootnoot 5 days ago
secret_love 5 days ago
I'm sorry but doyeon dipped ;;
goldenstars 5 days ago
dropping myungsoo
somnolent 5 days ago
Dropping jun
gweenie 6 days ago
Bye immmaaaaa leaveeeeeeee byeshhhhh sorry for leaving
lemonster 6 days ago
hey could the greens throw sej and eunwoo on hiatus for a bit? maybe a week or two?
amalthea 1 week ago
jungha had to go, sorry.
mrskwonjiyong 1 week ago
Can you add, bieber justin for me?
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