ITALIC / a layout dump ( but taking reqs-ish ). now playing: sweet.

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hey there, thanks for checking out my layout dump. this is my first challenge at making layouts from scratch, so hope you don't have high expectations lmao. i like black and helvetica a little too much, so most of the layouts may be frustratingly simple. anyways, enjoy.
all codes are up for grabs! there aren't a lot of rules here, except:
1. don't remove the credits, and
2. favorite the rp if you plan on using anything.
that's it! have fun browsing and following my progress lol.


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shining17 4 days ago
Using inkwell ver 2
smeraldo 1 week ago
using inkwell
pluhmm 2 weeks ago
using inkwell version 1, black.
hookah 1 month ago
heyo, using inkwell ver 2
bamstastic 1 month ago
using inkwell ver 2
REDRIOT 1 month ago
Using greyskies, thank ya :)
bamstastic 1 month ago
using greyskies
EXO-Luna 1 month ago
using greyskies!
aygayo 2 months ago
using greyskies~
StarbucksPinkDrink 2 months ago
using inkwell :)
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