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event: upcoming event alert! it's still winter, so why don't we all get a little snowed in? rolling blackouts across the city, but luckily walmart's got a generator... a faulty one. customers and employees alike camp out here until the weather chills out. in the meantime, the store's turned into a giant indoor campsite meets warzone.
official opening day - 08012018
ever find yourself up at 2 a.m. with a hankering for rocky road? need a place to go where you can be free of judgement 24/7? then you're at the right rp. welcome to "", an walmart rp where prices are as low as our standards! in a supercenter like this, you're bound to find people of all walks of life here! sad rodeo clowns. prom queen rejects. bad and boujee wanna-be's. you name it! we're all the scum of the earth.  shop smart, but be sure to shop safe! word of advice: bring pepper spray and sanitary wipes. lowkey an rp that's never gonna open. i legit just threw this place together thanks to pinkhoshi... e u e don't join, kiddies, unless  you wanna adopt this rp and make it a thing.
about us
1. faves are needed! upvotes are loved!
2. allowed: up to 3 charries, internationals, ic drama, all orientations, one-lining, semi-crack, +16 ages, move-in couples!
3. not allowed: under 16 ages, ooc drama, face or user chasing, talk in the day chat, frowns ;;
4. reservations last up to 24 hours. semi-hiatus up to 1 week. hiatus up to 3 weeks. don't die. inactivity set to 1 week. dating ban of 1 day.
5. please pm an admin if: leaving (don't comment), questions, concerns. lettuce help ya ;; v ;;
6. 2nd charries are free! 3rd charries only after advertising this place in a public blog e u e
7. this is an au. you're not idols here, so be creative! keep the crack in check ;;
8. the password is: smiley face.
9. why is this a thing tbh? please don't bash the rp or anyone in it.
10. be friendly and inclusive. istg if yall ignore peeps, we're taking it to the parking lot.
how to join
position (ex. customer, cashier, greeter, etc.)
occupation  (customers only)
interesting fact about your character
join now!
kim taehyung
park jimin
Bakery manager
yoon bora
express lane cashier
kim jonghyun
jeon jungkook
sales manager


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BunnyButt 3 years ago
Sorry bb's, Hyosung left ;u;
acuteassmess 3 years ago
Sorry sweetheart but akina left. I loved this place tbh ❤
venitempus 3 years ago
baekhyun left, thank you!
e77a4cdcc9a067ac4de7 3 years ago
ily mom❤❤❤❤❤
SeHYUNG 3 years ago
Jongin gtg. Love you, babes.
Bao-Bei 3 years ago
Jihoon will be leaving! Thank you~
jingxiu 3 years ago
why do i want to join this
venitempus 3 years ago
read replies
kagaki 3 years ago
Can you reserve iikubo haruna for me?
AcePanda 3 years ago
yoongi left,
bye all.
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