game of life | k-drama themed au roleplay | still open and accepting

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game of life.
events: none at the moment but we wanna get spooky soon kay- 
now open
it's a world full of possibilities- possibilities for drama! this is just an rp for you to live out your k-drama fantasy! this is a place where you can be creative and have. here don't feel pressured to reply, take your time and fun. got a character you've been wanting to play? got a plot you want to do? come here and try it all out! just come here and spice up your rp life!
about us
1.) Favorite the rp 2.) this is an au rp 3.) detailed 1st and 3rd pov 4.) all orientations welcomed 5.) ic drama is encouraged but always talk with whoever you are rping with to make sure they're down for whatever plot you do 6.) no ooc drama and pw is your favorite tv drama 7.)  no face chasing, / anything triggering, godmodding and mpreg 8.) pregnancy and marriage are allowed 9.) there's no dating ban idgaf  10.) you can have 5 characters just be active with them all 11.) have fun
how to join
name: Jane doe
age:  23
Orientation: panual
background:  drama drama drama drama  
password:  read the rules
jennie kim
head admin
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BubblegumWitch 8 months ago
Hi! Can you please add and reserve afterschool's Nana for me please?
cherrybullet 10 months ago
may i reserve bae suzy?
shinyechan 10 months ago
could you choose a girl chara between choi yena and jang wonyoung for me? and guy wise.. choose anyone from nu'est or wanna one for me pls ;;;; i'm so indecisive lol
UnlockingGalaxy 10 months ago
reserve me some shinee kim kibum please. c :
eristic 10 months ago
oof reserve jeon jungkook pleasee heh
MinkiMouse 10 months ago
Wait rule 9 confuses me XD
realllllmino 10 months ago
a & r kim jisoo the actor for me, babe
-hoe 10 months ago
cra zy
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