f l o w e r i n g i d o l s --- entertainment au // in need of active members // !!OPENED AND ACCEPTING!!

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"let's create an enjoyable place and show everyone how you're supposed to run a company"
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scandal after scandal many companies were shut down after fans stopped supporting them and idols leaving on their treatment. three new companies came out to start anew to become the new big three. baby breath, prim rose, and tiger lily rose to the top as soon as many had fallen. blooming from the ground to start the new era of entertainment, each ceo striving for the same thing to produce the best idols they can.
zendaya coleman is the ceo of of baby's breath. she believes to go far and debut hard work and participating in events is key to debut but also a freedom of giving suggestions and stating their opinions.

matt defreitas is the ceo of prim rose, he believes in the consistence of everything; hard work and improvement on training process is the key to earn a spot to debut.
kim wonsik is the ceo of tiger lily, he believes health comes first before all else, to debut in his company he wants to see hard work and most of all passion of becoming an idol.

are you willing to go through training and hard work to become a top idol? or are you one to be part of the staff that works behind the scenes?


✯ no ooc drama will be tolerated whatsoever. is is fine as long as it's okay with all parties.
✯ favoriting is a must. upvoting is optional but very very very appreciated!
✯ there's no character limit as long as all characters stay active. inactivity is set to 20 days, plenty to keep all characters active.
✯ the minimum age for your faceclaim is 15 years, so anyone 15 and older is allowed but no ualizing minors. it's not cool, it won't be tolerated.
✯ max length for hiatus is one month and after that if you're inactive you'll be given a warning. those on semi hiatus must post once every 20 days. 
✯ Dating ban is 5 days. it's not too long so it should be easy to follow- moving couples are welcome~


trainee application:
Full name
stage name (optional)
talents (two max)
company of preference (two please)
audition video link

staff Application:
full name
company preference (two please)
position as staff

how to join
comment below for your desired faceclaim after checking the masterlist to make sure they're available. reservations last 48 hours before the reserved character is deactivated, just so we don't clutter the masterlist up too much.
once your application has been accepted, you will be asked to fill out a form but it is only to keep track of things ic. thank you.
admit notes
if you have any questions or concerns about this place please please please ask an admin!! i know that sometimes it can be hard adjusting to a place or finding an understanding to somewhere new so we'll gladly do our best to help you.


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beaniebaby 13 hours ago
lin chaoze please rip
chankyu10 1 week ago
I’m sorry I haven’t had time to even come here. I’ll be taking my leave. Aka Colby brock
lilzhou 1 week ago
a&r Zhōu Zǐqiàn please
pastel-skies 1 week ago
hello!! could you please a/r huang renjun for me? thanks in advance!
chankyu10 1 week ago
Please add Xiu Kay
phantump 1 week ago
add and reserve lee seojeong of weki meki for me please?? <3
missinkiss 1 week ago
Please add Park Chaeyoung
swampert 1 week ago
Add Xǔ Jiāqí please
GlowingMoon [A] 1 month ago
Can I have a semihiatus for Jaehyun and Sicheng?
Blacklily96 1 month ago
I surrender, I'm giving up roleplayrepublic, soo Seungyeon is out, bai bai.
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